~Farming Life is for me~

Life here in the country, with my chickens,Turkey's,Cats
and Dogs..

And my Rabbits..Is what truly makes me
happy.. And Sharing this life, I love so much with my two wonderful boys and husband..

Hope you find my
blog interesting..You will find here who I really am..and what I love..

Thursday, November 29, 2007

~ Meeting myself, coming and going.~

Hello, Everyone......Sorry I haven't been visiting some of you dear friends. I have been busy, And I've been really tired and forgetful lately. It seems that everything I've done the last two days is wrong, And even when I'm driving it seems I get a little confuse or something. Man! you would swear I was old and going Senile. LOL. Oh Well...... Wednesday I took Gretchen to the Vet to get her spay, I got there around nine o' clock in the Morning. They told me to come back around two o' clock to pick her back up. So instead of going all the way back home, and than turn right back around to pick her back up in 5 hours." Because I live about 20 miles from the clinic" I decided to go to three of my favorite stores to kill time. I had so much fun, Only I wish Mother could have come with me. I know she would have enjoyed it also. I took a look around Micheal's and The Pet land I stay I know way over an hour in there. I visited with all the animals. I held some Rabbit's and birds. My heart went out to all the animals that were there from the animal shelter. They bring animals there to be adopted out to family's. The clinic where I took my dog to, is right next to the animal shelter. There were so many without homes, I just think it is so sad because they were unwanted. They didn't have a family to love them. And what is more sad is when they are put down, FOR THE MOST REASON IS, because they were not wanted by anyone. How sad is that. But i know I can't let myself worry about it so much. Because I can't do anything about the ones that are there in the animals shelters. I just have to take care of the ones that I can. And get them fixes and try to do my part trying to help slow down the over population of unwanted animals. I would like to encourage each everyone one of you to take part in protecting the animals. By spaying and neutering them. And if you don't have a dog or cat. I hope you will consider in maybe adopting one. Because they need someone to love them, and give them a chance to show love to someone. They are alot of fun to have. But I know you got to have the patience to deal with one, and they are alot of work and responsibly, But to me it's heaven on earth. I didn't mean to rattle on and on. I also made a stop at Big Lots. I purchase the pretty snowman bowl that i have showing above, I filled it with my potpourri that smells like peppermints. and I pick a candle in the middle of it that also has the peppermint smell. And I bought the cute Christmas box too. Because I love the puppy dog on it, and I also love snow mans too. I had to take Austin to the Emergency room last night. Because a couple of days ago he started having trouble with his throat. It swelled up on the left sides and it was tender. So yesterday while it was at school, he went to see the school nurse. She told him it was a staff infections. So off we went to the Doctor. I was worried. But everything will be o.k. They gave him some med. And now he is good as new. "Thank God." Well I got My Mother -in-law transferred over to the nursing home that is close to where we live. We will most likely be moving her Saturday. I went today and purchase her a rocker and a cute little end table with a drawer and a open slot, for her T.V. She doesn't have any furniture. I think she will love it. I vacuums the chair and sprayed some fur freeze on it. And I washed a rug that I had that I wasn't using, to put in her room also. Jon is suppose to be home tonight. He hasn't made it in yet. I guess i better get off here. I'm going to go visiting for a little while before I go to bed. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you had a great day.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Hi, Everyone. Today is a pretty day. It's in the upper fifty's today. The sun is shining, but still a little cool to my touch. The rain has passed on by.I don't really enjoying having cold and raining weather. To depressing. Well I added some more tree ornament to the tree. I really don't know what my Christmas theme is..... I...... guess you can say mine is the dog theme. I'm sorry I'm a sucker for animals. I have to included animals in any decorating I do. It just doesn't feel right without them. I pulled my throw out of my storage box's to cover up with....while I sit at my laptop. My legs were getting cold. My sister made it for me one Christmas for a Christmas gift. And naturally whenever Gretchen and Ginger see me with a blanket in hand, they start jumping around and getting excited. Before I even get sit ted good in my chair they are already waiting for me to sit so they can start bearing themselves into my blanket. As you can see Gretchen is all relaxs, and sound to sleep. I went yesterday to see about getting my Mother -in-law, tresfer over to a nursing home that is closer to our home. I just got a call from them, They told me I can bring her on over anytime. So I will be moving her over there this Friday, if not sooner. She will be alot happier there than will she at now. They are building a new nursing home for the eldering that is about 15 miles from us. Tha t is why we move her to this one. Much closer. for all of us. Well I better get off I have things that I need to do. i may try and get her moved over today if i can. Hopr you have a wonderful Tuesday.

Monday, November 26, 2007

~ I decked the house for Christmas. ~

~ To all my blogging Friends. You are truely a gift to me. ~

~ A vintage green watery can, that I thought would look pretty with some Christmas flowers. What do you think. I love it.

~New ornaments for the tree. This year school picture. I love the mirror framed, picture ornament

~Isn't she sweet looking.~

~A little close up, under the tree.~

~ Ginger all nice and toasty on her pillow. Was my pillow.....you know how that goes sometimes. They take over.

~ This is frosty. I got him and the other two. I did have a whole slue of snowmans. I love snowmans, I had to get rid of most of my them, because I had way to many.. I just think it looks better when you don't over do it. They say less is better. That'e true. to much is over powerly.

~My Mother made these snow glows. I love them. I think they look lovely all lined up together. You can click on the photo,and get a better look at them.

~ Our Christmas tree is only 4ft tall just big enough for our small home. I love it.

Hi, Everyone. I just thought I would make a post before I hit the sack. I have been having those days where I just can't get myself going in the mornings. I guess it's the cold weather......you think. It's Monday again. I did do some of the laundry. Vacuum the floors. and bath the dogs. and cleaned out their kneels. And did a little here and there around the house. Runs some errands too. I did get to my Christmas decorations and got them out. I love this time of year. Setting out the pretty Christmas things.......and the lovely Christmas melody ringing in my ear. I just wish Christmas would last longer.... it just goes by so fast. When I was a kid it seemed to go by so slow. I wish it felt that way again. I love the wonderful feeling that's in the air, at Christmas time, It's like people are so much more friendlier. Why can't they be that way everyday, not just at Christmas time. Are they trying to butter me up. Thinking I'm going to buy them a gift. LOL. My husband is in Mississippi right at this very moment. He will be home tomorrow night, and than he'll turn right by around and head out to Oklahoma. Well I better get to bed. I've got things to do tomorrow too. Hope you had a bless and wonderful day. God bless you.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

~ My Thanksgiving Day ~

Hi, Everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know I did. We didn't make it to my father-in-law home for Thanksgiving, because my son Austin came down with a fever and a bad cough. His fever got up to 102. I put him in the bathtub pour cool water on him, and gave him some medicine for the fever. and rub him down with Vic's sab. He was better before the day was over. Mom and Dad had plans to go to my brother's house for Thanksgiving, they had planed to eat their Thanksgiving dinner in the evening. So Mother went ahead and fixed a small dinner around noon. So we went to my parents and ate with them. And than later on we all went to my brother's. All the picture I posted are at my brother's house. Except the one with me and Jon and the boys, that one was taken at my parents house. I cooked a big Thanksgiving meal here at my home yesterday. We had Jon's Mother and my parent's over. It was seven of us all together. This is the first year that we had Thanksgiving more than once. I am so tired today. It has been raining all day. And the weather is very cold. It is 37 degree's right now. Well I better get off . I got thinks that needs to be done. Thanks for stopping by. Have a bless and wonderful day.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

~Happy Thanksgiving to all my good friends.~

Hi, Everyone. I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. And a blessed one.... With family and friends. Cherish every moment. Because this may be our last year to celebrate with some. Thanks for stopping by, And again, have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hi, How is everyone doing today. I received my blog gift from cheryl this morning. From cheryl's Place. Thank you again. It looks so pretty in my room. It just fixs right in. I truly love it. And i also wanted to share with you my new cabinet piece. I love it. As you can see there is alot more room. I was able to put everything I had into the drawers. I no longer have to store them into different places....which makes me happy. As you can see I will one day purchase a new stove. But that will have to wait. It's serving it's purpose. anyways. But a new stove would look much nicer. I just don't think it the right time to go out and buy a new one just yet. The right time will come soon enough. I need to make my list of the things I will need from the grocery store. I will be cooking a Thanksgiving Dinner Friday instead of Thursday. We are going to Jon's Dads house for Thanksgiving, and Friday we will be having his Mother For Thanksgiving at our house. She will have a longer stay at our home this weekend. It makes her real happy. She loves staying over. We would like to have her living with us. But we can't do that right now. Because we don't really have the room. But we have been thinking hard about our we could make it work. Right now we are doing what we can to make her happy.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Hi, Everyone.... there is so much i want to post about today. We had a busy weekend. Everyday was an adventure in itself. Saturday was a very busy day. My little nephew had his first birthday. He had a western birthday party. I thought he looked so Darin in his little wrangler pants. and a cute western vest to. I don't have any photos to show because I forgot my camera at home. I wish you could seen him on his new pony, He loved his pony so much. His dad was smiling with pride for his little boy. We had a great time celebrating his first birthday, with family and friends. We had to leave as soon as the party was over, because we had my husband Jon... Mother at the house. And plus we had church the next morning. I had to get some things done before we all went to bed. I washed and rolled my Mother-in-law hair. I love her so much.... she is such a sweet lady. She lives in the nursing home. So every Saturday evening I go and pick her up and bring her to the house so she can stay over night with us. and take her with us to church the next morning. She loves it. It's good for her to get out and go somewhere. We usually try to plan to go out to eat after church on Sunday. Because I usually like to rest much as i can on Sunday. So we all when to the Dairy Queen. It was a bunch of us. My Mother and Dad. My grandparent's, my uncle and little brother. and my oldest nephew, me, and my husband and Mother-in-law and the boys. We had a wonderful time together. And afterwards everyone went to do their on thing. We went to pick up a new cabinet piece for the kitchen.... we torn out the old one. and put in the new one it looks so nice. I have alot more drawer room now. The old one started fallen apart little by little.... the bottom drawer has been gone seen the the boys were baby's they would step up on the bottom drawer to try to get to things. and not to long ago the top drawer started falling apart. So we deciding it was time to tear it out and put in a new one. and I am so glad I did. I love my new one alot. I was going to take a picture of the old cabinet piece So i can show you the before and after photo. But I was to anxious to put in my new one. Sorry.....but I'll go ahead and share a photo of the new cabinet later. Jon left this morning real early to go to Kansas City...he will be away for a couple of days. God has been real good to us. I am so thankful that God has open the door to this job he's at now. The pay is wonderful. I pray that God will allow him to keep this job atill he can retire. We do honor God and give him what is his. I I believe if we do that. God will rain his blessing on us. There are so much that I am thankful for. Healthy children....and a roof over my head. and so much....much more. Well I better get off here. I am so glad you stopped by to visit. Hope you have a blessed day.

Friday, November 16, 2007

~ My Cabbage rolls, and a day of Mother dutys.

Hi, Everyone. Hope your day was a good one. Mine was good just had alot to do today. Laundry, dishes, Dogs needed their bath, Bathroom got cleaned today. When though all of the Halloween candy, gave some away. Went to clean for a friend today, which is something I do every Friday. Here is the cabbage rolls I made yesterday for dinner. We had them again today for dinner, this time we had rice with it, I top the cabbage rolls on top of the rice. It was yummy. Oh! I almost forgot I also vacuum the floor. I want to get my walk way widen in the front yard, where it will look more like a patio,but I don't know when that will be, soon I hope. Well I am tired to the bone, and I just had a bath and I'm fixing to watch a movie that I haven't had the chance to watch. It's called the Holiday. I heard it was good. So I type away again later. I also need to rub my feet down with some lotion, they are so dry. ta! ta! for now.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

~ Cool weather has findly arrived. ~

Hi Everyone. The cool weather has Findley arrived here. Now it feels more like Christmas. I love to wear sweaters and winter pants. It just feels so good. When the weather is cold and it's time to get under the cover me and my hubby play fight over the covers, My son Austin told us that we sound like him and Aaron. "lol" I couldn't help but laugh. I said we do don't we. And than we were at it again. Lol. We like to play fight a lot. It's fun. Well tonight for dinner I will be making cabbage rolls. I have never made them. But I'm pretty sure I know how. I have eaten them And they are yummy. You know when it's cold the animal start running around in the yard to get warm. The cats run in the house. Meowing "it's cold, it's cold ".The dogs are following you around waiting for you sit so they can dive into your lap, To find a warm spot to lay. Well that's my story for today. Please come back to visit me. I do love getting comments. I live for comments. LOL. Have a wonderful winter day. I will be posting my Christmas decorations after Thanksgiving. So be looking for those. O.k. I'm leaving.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

~ Oh! My I Got A Award. Yeppy!

Hi, All you wonderful lady's out there. I went over to visti My gentle Retreat. She had awarded me with a community blogger award. Isn't she so nice and sweet. LOL. Thank You so much Tammy. Thanks for stopping by. But before i go I would like to give this award to My Mother at, shelleysvintagevariety.blogspot.com Stop by and pay her a visit. She always has neat stuff to show. And she is a very sweet person indeed. love you mom. To me she deserves this award. She is a very likeable person.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

~ New Mag. and new finds today.

~ What is this, and what year is it from, and I would like to know what it is worth in value too. ~

~ Some good magaizine to look at. ~

Hi, Everyone. Hope you are having a wonderful day. It has been so hot. This time last year the weather was cooler. We've been having strange weather here lately, up in the 70's and the 80's. Weird huh! I went grocery shopping and while i was in the check-out line, I spotted the new Good house keeping Magazine. I thought it would be a great one to look at. There is some good recipes, and Christmas decoration too. I went to a yard sale that my Mother told me about. I picked up the glass Dachshund with an opening on the back of it, and a little bowl like shape in the front. I've seen these at flea markets and Antique shops. But I can't remember what they are. If you know what it is. and the year it is from, I would love to know. Thanks.
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