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Monday, November 26, 2007

~ I decked the house for Christmas. ~

~ To all my blogging Friends. You are truely a gift to me. ~

~ A vintage green watery can, that I thought would look pretty with some Christmas flowers. What do you think. I love it.

~New ornaments for the tree. This year school picture. I love the mirror framed, picture ornament

~Isn't she sweet looking.~

~A little close up, under the tree.~

~ Ginger all nice and toasty on her pillow. Was my pillow.....you know how that goes sometimes. They take over.

~ This is frosty. I got him and the other two. I did have a whole slue of snowmans. I love snowmans, I had to get rid of most of my them, because I had way to many.. I just think it looks better when you don't over do it. They say less is better. That'e true. to much is over powerly.

~My Mother made these snow glows. I love them. I think they look lovely all lined up together. You can click on the photo,and get a better look at them.

~ Our Christmas tree is only 4ft tall just big enough for our small home. I love it.

Hi, Everyone. I just thought I would make a post before I hit the sack. I have been having those days where I just can't get myself going in the mornings. I guess it's the cold weather......you think. It's Monday again. I did do some of the laundry. Vacuum the floors. and bath the dogs. and cleaned out their kneels. And did a little here and there around the house. Runs some errands too. I did get to my Christmas decorations and got them out. I love this time of year. Setting out the pretty Christmas things.......and the lovely Christmas melody ringing in my ear. I just wish Christmas would last longer.... it just goes by so fast. When I was a kid it seemed to go by so slow. I wish it felt that way again. I love the wonderful feeling that's in the air, at Christmas time, It's like people are so much more friendlier. Why can't they be that way everyday, not just at Christmas time. Are they trying to butter me up. Thinking I'm going to buy them a gift. LOL. My husband is in Mississippi right at this very moment. He will be home tomorrow night, and than he'll turn right by around and head out to Oklahoma. Well I better get to bed. I've got things to do tomorrow too. Hope you had a bless and wonderful day. God bless you.


Cheryl said...

Everything looks lovely!! You do such a wonderful job decorating!

You did quite a bit for not being able to get going in the morning. You are probably missing your hubby. I mean I know you are but maybe that is what is slowing you down. I am happy for you that he is coming home even if for a very short time.

Take care, Regina.

Karen H. said...

Good Morning Regina,
Your Christmas decorations are beautiful. I love them all. I love your 4 foot tree as well. It shouldn't matter the size of the tree anyway. Christmas isn't about a tree. I love the oraments on the tree with your children's picture in it. I still have some decorating to do myself. I have to get my villages up. I hope to do that by the weekend. I know what you mean about hubby being gone. I feel the same way when my hubby has to leave to go out over the road. It just breaks my heart. I think that is one reason I havne't put my village up. He isn't here. When I was decorating Friday afternoon, he was here. I was busy as a bee then. Well, take care my friend and have a great Tuesday. May God Bless You and Yours.

Karen H.

Shelley said...

Dear Regina, everything looks beautiful ! You did a wonderful job. Those little frames look great with the boys pictures in them. They are really starting to look like little men ! I am glad you are happy with the tree. It looks so nice in your home. I have mine up and hopefully will get it decorated today !

Lov ya, Mom

Anonymous said...


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