~Farming Life is for me~

Life here in the country, with my chickens,Turkey's,Cats
and Dogs..

And my Rabbits..Is what truly makes me
happy.. And Sharing this life, I love so much with my two wonderful boys and husband..

Hope you find my
blog interesting..You will find here who I really am..and what I love..

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Busy as a little bee.. But loving it..

Hello.. I haven't blogged in along time.. My time is consumed by everyday chores.. Kids, and church.. Been doing some knitting, and reading.. And did some canning yesterday.. Caned some pickles, and tomatoes.. Got Kot of house work done.. I was so tired yesterday, but I feeling ok today.. Got two baskets of clothes to fold.. I'll get to them and soon as I can.. Flower beds are looking good.. And tomatoes are hanging in there along with the peppers.. Squashare long goes, didn't do very well.. Weather has been fair.. And we got some pretty steadying rain.. Thank God for is blessings he sents our way.. Better go.. I'll post more later.. Have a bless day..

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

~Learning to knit...~

Hello, Blog friends..The weather is getting cooler.. and fall is in the air.. and this time of year gets me in the mood to decorate, and try new things.. So I decided to try learning how to knit.. and to my surprise I pick up on it really fast, and I am loving it so much.. Can't wait to try making some pot holders, and dish cloths.. Right now i'm just learning the stitches and the feel of knitting..

So here are some photos on my progress.. Let me know what you thing.. Bye for now, but not forever..God Bless you my friends.. Stay tune.. for some Fall Decor..: )
~Its not perfect, as you see.. but i am making progress..~

~ A closer look ~

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Simple living..

Hello, Again.. Here is my second post for the day.. I would like to share with you one of the things I will start doing to save Energy. By making tea using Solar power.. Mom has always done this while growing up.. I see aot of things people are doing to save energy and to help the earth, that we did when I was growing up..Because we were poor.. We didn't know we were helping Mother Nature, or actually living a better life..LOL We did it because that was a way of life for us.. Here are a few things that you can do save Money and Energy and help the earth.. Use Baking Soda for tooth Paste.. Make your own Laundry detergent.. Use Cloth diapers, Use rags for menstrual Cycles, instead of pads and Tampons.. Vinger and Water for cleaning..Carry around your travel mug for drinking water.. instead of buying bottle water... Buy fruit and veggies from Farmer Markets. and buy your milk from local Dairy farms.. Raise your own Chickens for eggs.. Make your own bathing soap or buy it from someone who makes its local.. Use wash rags to bath with instead of bath puffs.. Look on-line to make your own body and face scrubs from things out of your kitchen..These are just some..There are more..Talk to people and get on line.. You can find different and more healthy way of living.. Have a bless life..

~Rest in Peace~

Hello, Dear friends.. It has been really busy around.. I have been busy caring for the kids I babysit.. But today i only have one, and she is sound to sleep.. So while she is sleeping I decided to sit and leave a post for today.. I will try to leave two.. I want to share with you about a dear furry friend of mine who has passed on to Doggy heaven.. It was alittle over a month ago I had lost my friend Pete.. Some of you remember him.. He was a very sweet dog to me and my family, and some outsider.. He didn't like certain people.. I often wonder if it's because he knew something I didn't know.. (Animals are very smart in knowing things that we don't know and see about people..) The first sign of Pete sickness was showing less activity.. He was a very active Dog.. Every time I go out to see him.. He would get so excited..Jumping all over me, pawing and biting me.. He was a very playful dog.. love to play fetch.. So one day I notices.. Pete wasn't all in my face, jumping around when I go out to see him..( Yes he was still happy to see me) He was acting more like an old dog with arthilics or something. and I also notices he wasn't eating his food.. Didn't worry to much about it at first.. Because the weather has been really hot.. So I was thinking maybe he's to hot to eat..And I continue to watch him to see how he acted day by day.. So I started feeding him in the evening. Still wouldn't eat.. I knew something was up...So one night I was busy in the house getting things done before getting ready for the night.. I told my husband I'm going out to check on Pete.. I felt in my spirit something wasn't right.. And Pete was always in his bed at night.. I went out and he was laying on the ground.. I called him before going out.. because in my mind, I though he was dead.. I was scared..I walked to him.. still he didn't get up.. I bent down to pat him, and than he raised his head.. I knew right than he was sick.. His mouth was dirty.. I told him you are staying in the house.. Brought him in the house.. Gave him a bath.. and made him a bed on the floor, on my side of the bed.. He stayed in the house for about a week.. still not much improvement.. He did eat a little at still not enough to keep him well.. He also started throwing up.. Than I knew it was time to go to the Vet. There they had told me that his kidney were shutting down.. I was in shock.. I had felt in my heart it was his Kidney from the very beginning.. I don't know how I knew.But I did.. They kept him in the hospital..Flushed out the toxins in his kidneys and his body.. Came home that Monday.. I was excited to see him bouncing around..He was still weak.. In just a couple of hours that day after coming home from the Vet. He was playing, but not really eating..Still having my hopes up.. Thinking he was just happy to be able to play.. and he would start eating normal again.. He was eating more, but not enough.. and drinking lots of water..Which I thought was a big plus.. But anyway.. After that Tuesday he started going down hill again.. I didn't think he would make it.. But I still had hope.. and I was praying for him the whole time.. It was sad seeing him suffer going down hill more and more each day.. But thew it all he was still being Pete.. That Sunday night on June 3, 2011 he had passed away.. I had prayed to God That he would just go on and take him.. If he wasn't going to get any better..He didn't need to suffer anymore.. It was so heart breaking.. I will miss him so much.. I have lost so many of my beloved furry friends.. I know nothing is suppose to last forever on this earth.. So I am learning to deal with death.. Animals and people, Come into our lives for alittle while.. We love them, and cherish them, while they are here.. And one day, We will see them again, Yes I do believe animals have a purpose too.. Thanks for stopping by.. Have a Bless one..

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Chickens got a new yard.

Just a few pictures to share today Thanks for stopping by our Homestead.
The chickens new yard around their pen...I lost a few,not sure how so,I thought it best to pen them in for their own safety. They seem happy with their new yard.

The rooster,Henry, above in the picture, is one of the few they came up missing,also one of my red hens,a good layer :(

Come again any time,Regina

Monday, June 13, 2011

A New Day at The Barnett's Homestead

Hello. Everyone in blog land.. Woke up to the sound of chickens ready to start their day..:) Some people don't like to be woke up by the sound of a Roster crowing... But I find it peaceful... I find peacefulness being surrounded by Gods Nature.. Cats Meowing, Dogs Barking, Chickens making their happy sounds..(its what I call it..:) Birds flying above me, as they do their daily thing to stay alive.. Looking at the flowers, trees, watching and seeing, and looking for any new life, that might be coming forth out of the ground.. I find excitement in little things like these.. As you may say, I am simple... Yes, I truly am.. I love it so very much.. I love the things that my Father has bless me with..:) Life is truly a blessing..Life in everything.. Is a gift from my father.. And I respect, and appreciate everything that has life in it.. Here I will share with you the things that I love..Hope you enjoy..

~ My Flowers in the front yard..Looking their best~

~Just one of the eleven chickens, that I have.~

Yes she has a bare behind.......poor girl.....I don't know what to do about it.

Fresh eggs every morning.......

~My Birds have left their nest.. Hoping they are doing OK..~

My Crape Myrtle tree, in my front yard that I love to sit under at times..Makes a nice shade tree..:) ~Kipper and Fester having a little play time..~

Thanks for stopping by our Homestead today...hope you will visit again very soon......Regina

Friday, May 20, 2011

Meet the Turkeys,etc......

Hello, Friends.. I have been gone for a while.. I am coming back, out of my hiding place..LOL.. So off of facebook, and back to blogging again.. Life here at my place, has been crazy... Going to and from the Vet, about every two weeks, can get to ya.. Thanks to Mom who helps me out with the babysitting..While I run my animals to see the doctor.. My cat had surgery about a month ago, because of an accident..My husband ran over my poor Six year old Tom cat.. It was like World War three..There was screaming..Alone with the other cats screaming and hissing and fighting each other. Dogs were barking and going after the cat..They just didn't know what had just happened. Tom took off into the woods, me and my sons went chasing after him.. It was war for sure..

But Tom is doing OK now....Took him yesterday to have another X-Ray done on his leg..To see how the healing has come alone..His leg has healed up nicely.. He had to stay over night to have surgery this morning to have the pins removed out of his leg..( So glad) The reason for the pin, was because part of the bone had shattered when it broke.. (Poor Baby) Going back Monday to pick him up.. So Glad he is back to his normal self.. Before the accident he was an outside cat, but now I don't see him going back out..It has left him a little handicapped.. Not so much where he can't use the litter box, or walk around.. Just a little slower on movement. Before I go I want to show some photos of My Turkeys.. I will have a lot of stories to tell about these two.. If you ever had Turkey's you know what I'm talking about..LOL Thanks for stopping by...

Our turkeys Christmas and Thanksgiving but,they aren't for dinner...just family members.

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