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Thursday, November 29, 2007

~ Meeting myself, coming and going.~

Hello, Everyone......Sorry I haven't been visiting some of you dear friends. I have been busy, And I've been really tired and forgetful lately. It seems that everything I've done the last two days is wrong, And even when I'm driving it seems I get a little confuse or something. Man! you would swear I was old and going Senile. LOL. Oh Well...... Wednesday I took Gretchen to the Vet to get her spay, I got there around nine o' clock in the Morning. They told me to come back around two o' clock to pick her back up. So instead of going all the way back home, and than turn right back around to pick her back up in 5 hours." Because I live about 20 miles from the clinic" I decided to go to three of my favorite stores to kill time. I had so much fun, Only I wish Mother could have come with me. I know she would have enjoyed it also. I took a look around Micheal's and The Pet land I stay I know way over an hour in there. I visited with all the animals. I held some Rabbit's and birds. My heart went out to all the animals that were there from the animal shelter. They bring animals there to be adopted out to family's. The clinic where I took my dog to, is right next to the animal shelter. There were so many without homes, I just think it is so sad because they were unwanted. They didn't have a family to love them. And what is more sad is when they are put down, FOR THE MOST REASON IS, because they were not wanted by anyone. How sad is that. But i know I can't let myself worry about it so much. Because I can't do anything about the ones that are there in the animals shelters. I just have to take care of the ones that I can. And get them fixes and try to do my part trying to help slow down the over population of unwanted animals. I would like to encourage each everyone one of you to take part in protecting the animals. By spaying and neutering them. And if you don't have a dog or cat. I hope you will consider in maybe adopting one. Because they need someone to love them, and give them a chance to show love to someone. They are alot of fun to have. But I know you got to have the patience to deal with one, and they are alot of work and responsibly, But to me it's heaven on earth. I didn't mean to rattle on and on. I also made a stop at Big Lots. I purchase the pretty snowman bowl that i have showing above, I filled it with my potpourri that smells like peppermints. and I pick a candle in the middle of it that also has the peppermint smell. And I bought the cute Christmas box too. Because I love the puppy dog on it, and I also love snow mans too. I had to take Austin to the Emergency room last night. Because a couple of days ago he started having trouble with his throat. It swelled up on the left sides and it was tender. So yesterday while it was at school, he went to see the school nurse. She told him it was a staff infections. So off we went to the Doctor. I was worried. But everything will be o.k. They gave him some med. And now he is good as new. "Thank God." Well I got My Mother -in-law transferred over to the nursing home that is close to where we live. We will most likely be moving her Saturday. I went today and purchase her a rocker and a cute little end table with a drawer and a open slot, for her T.V. She doesn't have any furniture. I think she will love it. I vacuums the chair and sprayed some fur freeze on it. And I washed a rug that I had that I wasn't using, to put in her room also. Jon is suppose to be home tonight. He hasn't made it in yet. I guess i better get off here. I'm going to go visiting for a little while before I go to bed. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you had a great day.


Shelley said...

Hey Regina, I am sorry I couldn't be with you on that little shopping adventure.I know how much you love Pet land and seeing all the animals. I am very thankful things turned out so well at the hospital visit with Austin. It had us all afraid , just a bit. Didn't it? That bowl looks very pretty on your table.See ya soon.
Lov ya,Mom

Cheryl said...

Hi, Regina,

You found some nice things there.

I am glad it turned out OK for Austin. I think taking a child to the Hospital is one of the hardest things to do no matter the reason. Kinda scary for me as well as the child.

You may want to get checked out Regina. Have you ever had a sleep study done? I had one done and found out I have sleep apnea. It's where you stop breathing while you sleep. Just a thought.

Gretchen is such a sweet puppy dog! I love the pictures you share of your dogs.

Take care and have a great day! I hope your hubby made it safe and sound.


Anonymous said...

Hi Regina,
I have a big heart for fur babies too. Miss Candi is a rescue baby.
Sounds like a fun day.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi Regina,
Love the snowman bowl!

Karen H. said...

Good Afternoon Regina,
I know what you mean about feeling like you are running around in circles. I felt that same way last Saturday. It will drive you buggy. LOL. I'm glad everything is ok with Austin. I remember when my girls were small and they would get sick and we would have to take them to the Emergency Room, I almost couldn't stand it. I know one time, one of my girls was really sick and they were going to take some blood from her and I had to go out in the hall. I just couldn't stand it. I'm under the weather this weekend and I'm not doing much at all. Hubby is helping me out alot. Well, take care my friend and have a great weekend. May God Bless You and Yours.

Karen H.

Anonymous said...


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