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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Hi, Everyone. Today is a pretty day. It's in the upper fifty's today. The sun is shining, but still a little cool to my touch. The rain has passed on by.I don't really enjoying having cold and raining weather. To depressing. Well I added some more tree ornament to the tree. I really don't know what my Christmas theme is..... I...... guess you can say mine is the dog theme. I'm sorry I'm a sucker for animals. I have to included animals in any decorating I do. It just doesn't feel right without them. I pulled my throw out of my storage box's to cover up with....while I sit at my laptop. My legs were getting cold. My sister made it for me one Christmas for a Christmas gift. And naturally whenever Gretchen and Ginger see me with a blanket in hand, they start jumping around and getting excited. Before I even get sit ted good in my chair they are already waiting for me to sit so they can start bearing themselves into my blanket. As you can see Gretchen is all relaxs, and sound to sleep. I went yesterday to see about getting my Mother -in-law, tresfer over to a nursing home that is closer to our home. I just got a call from them, They told me I can bring her on over anytime. So I will be moving her over there this Friday, if not sooner. She will be alot happier there than will she at now. They are building a new nursing home for the eldering that is about 15 miles from us. Tha t is why we move her to this one. Much closer. for all of us. Well I better get off I have things that I need to do. i may try and get her moved over today if i can. Hopr you have a wonderful Tuesday.


Karen H. said...

Good Afternoon Regina,
I love your animal Christmas ornaments. Even tho we don't have any animals, people who do should include them. I love the blanket your sister made for you. I usually just get up in bed and put the covers on me while I watch t.v. or read. My computer is in the front room tho. The sun is shining here today as well. When I took the girls to school this morning it was 35 degrees and there was a big frost out there. There was some fog as well. The frost looked so pretty on the grass. It just sparkled at you. I don't blame you one bit for getting your Mother-In-Law to a place closer to you. As high as gas prices are these days, it surely helps out. Yesterday afternoon before we left for the basketball game, I put $10.00 worth of gas in my vehicle. It is $2.99 a gallon at our one and only gas station here in town. I already had a half a tank, but still I like to keep it past a half if I can. That $10.00 worth only put it up to 3/4 of a tank and by the time I drove to the game and back home last night, I was back down to a half a tank again. I have to go out of town again tonight for another game. It wouldn't bother me so bad if it was closer, but it's at least an hours drive tonight. Well, take care my friend and have a great Tuesday. May God Bless You and Yours.

Karen H.

Mary said...

Great tree ornaments Regina - especially the ones with the boys of course!

I plan to start my decorating this week - it's been so warm the past couple of days that I don't feel 'Christmassy" yet, but a cold front is due!!!!

Our Back Porch said...

Hey sweetie.
I emailed you and posted on my site that you were one of the winners for the signature tags. I haven't heard from you yet, so if you are interested, please email me at admin@whimsicalbeginnings.com

Hugs and Blessings,

Kristen said...

In the fifties! Wow! We are in the teens! We got snow last night as well! There is noooo warmth to found outside! :)

Karen H. said...

Good Morning Regina,
Hope you are doing good on this Wendesday morning. It is 35 degrees here. When you have time stop by. I have something waiting for you there. You will have to scroll down to the second post to see it. Blogger was being ugly this morning. Take care my friend and have a great Wednesday. May God Bless You and Yours.

Karen H.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Gosh you are a busy blogger...love all the pics of your decorations!!
It is very very cold and raining here in WA...all we need is a lil snow...

Darly Dolittle said...

Love the tree Regina and I love your choice of Christmas music. Rockin' around the Christmas Tree is soooo much in my childhood memories! Thanks for sharing a great blog entry.
Luv, Darly

Suzanne said...

Hi Regina, is that a corgi in your lap? Strength to you while dealing with nursing homes, it is difficult sometimes to have loved ones there:-)

Anonymous said...


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