~Farming Life is for me~

Life here in the country, with my chickens,Turkey's,Cats
and Dogs..

And my Rabbits..Is what truly makes me
happy.. And Sharing this life, I love so much with my two wonderful boys and husband..

Hope you find my
blog interesting..You will find here who I really am..and what I love..

Thursday, December 27, 2007

~The Baby's Bunnies ~

Hi, Everyone. Here is an update on the Baby Bunnies. As you can see they are getting so big. I have really had alot of fun with them. Just Look at how cute they are.

~ Aaron and Austin room.~

~This is what Aaron likes to do with his free time.~

~ The boy's bookshelf.~

~ The boy's coat rack.~

~ Austin playing with his new army, lego's. He got for Christmas. ~

Hi, Everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I know I had a wonderful Christmas. We all went to Mother's. There was eighteen all together. Food was spread out on the table, Different desserts to choose from. If you wanted to. LOL. I was sick with a bad case of allergy's that made my throat hurt and left me with a headache. When I went home I went straight to bed. And got up later when my head ache was goes, I looked like I was dead. My face was so swelled. It was a sight to see. But think God that is over. The kids had a good Christmas, Me and Jon brought them a cameo comforter and sheets for their bed. I spends 3 hours in there yesterday. We CLEANED went though everything. Now as you can see the room is so nice. Everything is dusted, the floor was vacuumed. Only thing I hope it stayed that away. I better get going. I got things to do. Thanks for stopping by. Have a bless and wonderful day. I will be making a post on the Baby's bunny, later on today. They are getting so big.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

~ A good Movie to watch. ~

Hi, Everyone. I can't believe Christmas is almost here. I got all my Christmas shopping done, but I got a few more presents to wrap. We went to My Husband's Dad's yesterday, Didn't get home at ill 12:00 in the morning. I didn't get up in time for church this morning, It really disappointed me. I will never stay out that late again on a Saturday night, knowing I have church the next's morning. I would like to share with you a movie that me and my husband watched, It's such a great movie. I cryed like a baby. If you haven't seen it. You need to.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

~ My Treasures I found Yesterday and an update on the Baby Bunnies.~

I washed my Baby's. They were dirty. Now they are nice and clean.
They are so fat and healthy.

The Baby's.

Cute little handmade kitten, and Rabbit, The little pillow I already had. I think the three looks cute together. I also purchase the Bunny in the background, It will be going outside on my tea cart later. I am very pleased with all my wonderful treasures. Oh! I did purchase a hard plastic Shelf, that I will place in the back room. One day soon, probably after the first of the year, I'm going to organize my back room. I will laminate most of the storage boxes. I want to be able see what all I got. I have things that I use in the kitchen that I have back in the room, because I don't have any extra room in the kitchen area. The back room is going to be more of a pantry for everything. When it's all said and done I will show you all my finished work. I would like to show you how big the Baby's have gotten. They look like Rabbits instead of rats now.

A cute little chalk board for the icebox. For .25

I just love this little Nativity seen. I just told my Mother days before that I wanted A white Nativity, Went yesterday and saw this one, and I thought to myself, there is my Nativity. I showed it to Mother, she smiled and said "ask and you shall receive". This has happened to me many of times in my life. When ever I see something I like, God always sends it to me. The Bible does say he will give us the desire of our hearts. Some things will be exactly what we wanted and had asked God for, and others will be what we need, but it want be what we had in mind. For example you ask for a car, but you tell the Lord you want a BMW, You probably want get a BMW, but he will provide you with transportation. So if God provides you with what you need, be thankful.

All the little ornaments and snowmen, I got them all for about .25 a piece. I didn't get a close enough picture of them so you can see them. You might be able to see them better if you click on the picture. I hope you are able to. They are just so cute and Darin. They look as if someone have might have made them, don't really know for sure.

This cute little guy I found him at Fred's for only 4.00 I just love it dearly. So sweet looking.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a bless and wonderful day in the Lord. God Bless, and have a safe Holiday.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

~ I have received a reward.~

Hi, Eveyone. Hope you are doing good. I went treasure hunting today with Mother. We always have so much fun when we are together without the kids and our husbands. LOL. I will post tomorrow what I found. But I would like to share with you and to give a special Thanks to Karen from Karen's Korner. Thanks You so much. She rewarded me with this lovely Bodacious Blog awards. And Thank You again Karen You are so sweet and so kind. I would like to pass this reward on to Susie Q from Rabbit Run Cottage . Thanks for stopping by. Have a nice day.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Hi, Everyone. Hope you are having a wonderful Friday, so far. I feel pretty good this morning. I had a restful good night sleep. Yesterday we had our Christmas parade, and the Christmas in the park. So my day yesterday was busy, as ever. A friend of mine had called me the night before, asking me if i would come and clean for her. So instead of getting up early enough to do my baking for the bake sell. I got up early to get over to her house around 9:45 a.m. to get that done. Oh! I did get the brownies cooked before I headed over. Because I knew they would need a while to cool. So anyways.
I was done with her house around 12:30. I hurried home, and got to baking the goodies. Everything smelled so good. Yes i did sample. LOL I baked for three hours. I had so much fun, it felted like Christmas. Kids got home they helped load up some of the things I needed to take with me to the shop. Everything was so nice at the shop. Tables were set up. I set out my things, and Mother made me a sign for my bake sell. I did fairly well on selling the goodies. Mother was in charge of the sell inside. And I was in charge of the outside. We had a good night. business was good. And right before the parade started, We got to listen to Christmas music being played at the street corner. Someone so kind sets up big speakers. Every year they do this. I just love it. It just gets you in the Christmas spirit. The kids when down to the park after the parade. They said it wasn't so great. Santa was there but this year they were charging for a picture with Santa. Last year it was free. We all had a great time, Kids were running around and playing. It was a sight to see. Our town reminds me of the town on, "It's a wonderful life." That's all I know to say about last night. I would like to show you some photo's of the Baby rabbit's and the Mother. Here they are. Right now they look like little rats. It looks like we might be having a little black one, I hope so I have been waning a black one for a while. One looks like it might turn out to be gray. Don't really know just yet. I don't know if I mention to you how many she had. Well anyway she had six of them. So far they are all still alive. She is a very good Mother, she doesn't mine me looking at her baby's. Well I better get going I got things to do this morning. Tonight is my husband company dinner. They are having it at a Mexican restaurant. So we will be going there tonight. I need to see if Mother can keep a eye on the boy's tonight. I'm going to cook for the boy's before I go. I'm going to fixes them chicken stir-fry. Thanks for stopping by. Have a bless day.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

~Bunnie surprise~

Hi, Everyone, Hope you are having a wonderful Thursday. Well I got a wonderful surprise yesterday evening. I went out to the back yard to check on the bunnies. One of the rabbits is a girl, I have expected her to be pregnant for about two weeks now. And when I went out to check on her, I notice her tummy wasn't fat and round. I thought O.K. No fat Bunnie and no baby anywhere. I took a look around the cage and their is three other rabbit hopping around. The first thing I thought was the other rabbits had killed them. I saw no blood or anything. So I went on a rabbit hunt. I notice this little mount of hay and rabbit fur on top. My heart did a flip, and a flop. I slowing and gentling took a look inside. And to my surprise I found them. They were so cute. They were jumping around like pop corn. I had to think of something quick. I couldn't leave her and the baby's in the cage with the three males. Because I knew they would hurt the Baby's and they would have the Mother pregnant in no time. "I hope she not" I brought her and the baby's into the house and put them in the large dog kneel for right now, atill the baby's start eating on their own. I checked on the baby's this moring. And they are doing just fine. They are sug as a bug. I am so happy. I feel like a proud Grandparent. LOL I better get going. I have alot to do today. Have a wonderful and bless day. Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

~An up date on pictures.~

Hi, Everyone. Been a while I know. Sorry...... Well, Friday was the last time I posted, Man been to long. A lot has been going on sense than. I don't really know where to began. Well Saturday we worked in the yard got the Christmas decoration out, as you can see. We raked and burned, We didn't get it all done, but we got the worst of it. Here is a photo of the wreath I mention in the previous post that I made. And the Christmas cards we received from family and friends. I got some of the Christmas wrapping done. I've got a little more to go, and than I'm done. Whew! I've got some house work done, today. Mailed off some Christmas cards today. I haven't been doing much, but just keeping the house and cooking. I have been fighting with allergies, Yesterday was horrible, It was so bad that it made me sick. I had to go and lay down a bit. Been taking my iron pills, like the doctor had said. But I am still tired through the day. I have been going back to bed after the kids are off to school. and sleeping a while. Well I better keep moving, still need to fixes dinner. We will have pizza tonight. We love pizza. And left over pasta. Thanks for stopping by. Hope your Tuesday was a lovely one. God Bless.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Busy Day Ahead.

Hi, Everyone. How are you doing. I hope you can say good. I feel pretty good today. We didn't do to good yesterday at the shop. Business was really slow. Me and the boys went yesterday evening to visit my Mother-in-law. She was doing well. I took her Christmas wreath, and hung it on her door, she loved it. And I had two real nice pictures of cherubs and a cloth photo board, it has tiny flowers and the colors were pink, and mauve, light blue, and white and etc, with pink ribbons and also with tiny pink buttons. Very pretty. I couldn't take any picture of them, because my husbands has the camera. By the way he got in last night, A little passed nine o' clock. He was glad to be home. I'm feeling a little better today. Took my iron pills three times yesterday. I don't usually eat breakfast every morning, But since I'm taking iron pills now, I have to eat something before I take one in the morning. Today is the day I clean for a friend of a friend. Figure that out, LOL And than I need to runs some errands. If all goes well. We will be doing yard work, and putting out the few Christmas decoration in the yard tomorrow. And tomorrow evening I'm going to go and sign Aaron up for Basketball. Yea! I am so glad he is going to play. It so much fun to watch him play. Well I better get going to get ready for the day. Thanks for stopping by. Have a bless day.
P.S. I change the color of the writing. Because to me the blue was just to hard to read. And I had add some new blog sites to my favorites. Go And check them out. Thanks.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

~ My doctor's report.

Hello, My dear friends. How is everyone on this Thursday morning. I'm doing o.k. I guess......Just a little tired, feels like I'm running on my last bit of energy. Which I know why now. I got my blood result in yesterday. The nurse called and told me my iron was low, it was getting better, from the last time I went to see the doctor, than it was extreming low. I came close to needing blood transfusion and being hospitalize too. I quit taking the iron pill, because it made me sick to my stomach. So this time the doctor gave me some different ones that were not quiet as strong. I have to take them three time a day. I'm hoping for a speeding recovering, because I have so much that needs to be done, but I need to energy to get it done. Please keep me in your prays. Thanks a million. And Thanks for stopping by. Have a bless and wonderful day.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

~ A day with Mother.~

Hi, My dear friends. I just thought I would leave a post for you. I had a lovely day with my Mother today. I don't have any pictures to show you what we did today, because hubby took the camera with him on the road. Well anyways me and Mother took off to adventure into a near by shop to see what we can find, to our liking. I found some very pretty Christmas cards, to send out to my friends and family for Christmas. And some vintage ornaments. Found some cheap stuff toys for the dogs to play with. Pete had already torn up one of them. LOL And a cute puppy dog that I think Colton will love to play with. And some other little things. We also went by the Goodwill. Our favorite store.......never know what you might find in there for a bargain. I found me a very nice skirt and Jacket suit. Oh! I wish I could show you. Well maybe I can describe it to you. It's looks like it's wool. Dark blue and Black Plaided. Fixes like a dream. I found Austin A pair of pants that he could wear. Aaron has enough pants to wear. Austin is the one who need a little more jeans, because he a little larger than Aaron around the waist. I would have went ahead and got Aaron another pair to if I found some that would have fix him. and they were nice. I don't buy clothes at the goodwill if they are not nice looking. Who would want to. I also purchase some things that would look lovely in my Mother-in-laws room. I will later on make a post of her room when I'm done decorating it for her. She loves it when I fixes up her room. We had a lady's fellowship tonight at our church. We exchange gifts. It was so much fun. The Place was fill of laughter. I will try to remember to show you the gift I got tonight from the lady's meeting. I know you will love it. I truly do. Well I better get off to bed. Before I fall asleep at my computer. Hope you had a great day. I know I did.

Monday, December 3, 2007

~ Another full day ahead.~

Hi, Everyone..... Another busy day...... Monday's are usually that a way for me. I have a doctor's appointment today. I need to talk to him about how I'm not sleeping good at night, and I have days where I'm just so tired, and give out. It makes me grumpy. It's like I'm on a roller a coaster. I hate being that way. And I need to go and pick up my Mother-in-law. and take her to pick up her check. I got to run by the bank and the post office. Also I need to run to Wall-mart and pick up my Son's inhaler. and go pay a bill. Man all this running around wears me out, But I have to do it. It's my job. My husband would like for me to work, but I just don't think I can handle holding down a job, and the house and running errands and taking care of my Mother-in-law and the kids and so on and so on. My body and spirit can only take on so much. I'm not the type that can carry alot at one time. When I do I can feel and see my body and spirit breaking down. And I don't think that is pleasing to the Lord. My husband is leaving to go out of town for a few days. I can't remember where exactly he said he is going to. I bought the stuff to make my Mother-in-law a wreath to put on her door. When I told her what I was going to do, she was so excited. I did some Christmas shopping yesterday. I still got more to do. I Love to go out and buy gifts for other people. The gifts that I had purchase is not gifts just for enjoyment, it's something that is useful and needed. I'm not real big on having things just for enjoyment. If I do buy things just because I like it. I have to be sure it something that I will like forever, and never grow tired of it. I don't like wasting money. I'm not saying I have never wasn't money on things. I just try not to. And I see myself getting better as I get older. What they call getting wiser. Which I pray all the time for. Well I better get off here, Because I need to get ready to go. I have some things that I need to drop off at the local charity store. That's another thing about me I am always cleaning and going though stuff. Over the weekend, I went though everything in my closet and my dresser drawer, and a storage box's under my bed. And when I was done I had to bags of stuff to give to charity. I Findley went out and bought me a new iron, Thanks to my husband he talked me into it. I had one that worked, But you had to work with the cord, to get it to stay hot long enough to iron with it. He kept telling me I needed to get a new one. But I always came back with, No this one still works, I'll hang on to this one It does it job. Man am I glad I Findley let go of it. I didn't realize how bad it was atill I got this new one. I told my husband It gets really hot. I had it about 8 inches from my face and I can feel the heat. The old one you had to put it about 2 inch from your face to feel the head. I didn't realize I actually didn't a new iron. I told my husband several times. I sure am proud of my new iron, He just looked at me and grin and said you know it don't take much to make me happy. And that's what I have been trying to tell him forever, and now i think he seeing the picture. LOL. Thanks for stopping by. Have a bless Monday.
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