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Life here in the country, with my chickens,Turkey's,Cats
and Dogs..

And my Rabbits..Is what truly makes me
happy.. And Sharing this life, I love so much with my two wonderful boys and husband..

Hope you find my
blog interesting..You will find here who I really am..and what I love..

Thursday, November 15, 2007

~ Cool weather has findly arrived. ~

Hi Everyone. The cool weather has Findley arrived here. Now it feels more like Christmas. I love to wear sweaters and winter pants. It just feels so good. When the weather is cold and it's time to get under the cover me and my hubby play fight over the covers, My son Austin told us that we sound like him and Aaron. "lol" I couldn't help but laugh. I said we do don't we. And than we were at it again. Lol. We like to play fight a lot. It's fun. Well tonight for dinner I will be making cabbage rolls. I have never made them. But I'm pretty sure I know how. I have eaten them And they are yummy. You know when it's cold the animal start running around in the yard to get warm. The cats run in the house. Meowing "it's cold, it's cold ".The dogs are following you around waiting for you sit so they can dive into your lap, To find a warm spot to lay. Well that's my story for today. Please come back to visit me. I do love getting comments. I live for comments. LOL. Have a wonderful winter day. I will be posting my Christmas decorations after Thanksgiving. So be looking for those. O.k. I'm leaving.


Karen H. said...

Good Evening Regina,
Those are some beautiful pictures you have there. I really love the first one. Are those taken in Texas? What part of Texas do you live in? My hubby goes to Texas sometimes when he has a load to take there. I've been there with him a few times. I was there with him back March. We went to Amarillo and to Plainview and on down to San Antonio. It's some pretty country down that way. Well, take care my friend and have a great evening. God Bless You.

Karen H.

Cheryl said...

You guys are so funny!

It is colder here now, too. We had some 60 degree weather a couple days ago and today it is only suppose to be in the upper 30's.

If I ever make it to Texas I want to meet you, you just seem so fun.

Take care, Regina.

Kristen said...

Hello Regina! I know that I didn't used to be a winter person. Having spent most of my time in the Southwest, we didn't have much of a winter to speak of. That being said, now that we are in NNY, Do I have a choice? :) Happy Winter!!!

T*mmy said...

OH...there is nothing like good cabbage rolls on a cool day!
Wish I could have one!

somebody said...


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