~Farming Life is for me~

Life here in the country, with my chickens,Turkey's,Cats
and Dogs..

And my Rabbits..Is what truly makes me
happy.. And Sharing this life, I love so much with my two wonderful boys and husband..

Hope you find my
blog interesting..You will find here who I really am..and what I love..

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

~ The beautiful nature and sence that surrounds me. ~

Rod iron head board makes a very pretty flower bed.

Hello my dear friends. I just thought I would share with you some pictures that I took...to show you how everything is budding and blooming out so beautifully around here. I also have Pictures of some old and wore out yard ornament that I use for decoration. The old swing is my Mother's.... I just love how it looks in her yard. We only live a limp and a hop away from each other. My Mother is Shelley's Vintage Variety's...those of you who didn't know that by now.....now you know. LOL I have mention in my last post about my kitchen make over. and I had mentioned about putting up some shelves on the wall....Well I hate to break the bad news..I don't think the shelves are going to work, Because since I live in a older mobile home most parts of the walls are hollow not enough studs to hold a shelf. So I don't know what I will be doing for the most part right now about the kitchen wall...behind my kitchen sink. An idea will pop up in my head sooner or later. I do Have an idea about expanding my walkway in the front yard. We have lots and lots of old bricks in my back yard. They are old bricks. Back in the early or mid 30's there was a big oil boom right here in my home town...so right on how property there were several oil wells. So because of that we have concrete stones that I love...and old bricks... love how they look.. they will look really nice using them as part of our walk way.. God Bless each and everyone. Thanks for stopping by.
- My mini Rose bush. The leaves are always so pretty this time of year. Another rose bush. Look how pretty the leaves are.
Some old maybe just a look alike flower pots. A freebie from my Grandparents from Katie's Place. When you have time go by and visit my GrandMother at Katiesplace.blogspot.com. She will be happy to see you. My dogwood tree...isn't it just beautiful. A full view of the dogwood. This is Mother's swing. I just stole a shot of it. An old seed planter..that is placed in the flower bed in the front yard..makes a nice look to the yard.

Friday, March 21, 2008


Been a while I know. Spring has Findley arrived... and so has our water. You are probably wondering what I mean about the water . Well we have been without water for about three days. Today was the day to get happy again.... I had all I could take trying to live without water. It was o.k. the first day and a half. After that it was time to go crazy...LOL It was a nightmare. Today the water lines was finally fixed...the main man was on vacation...the guys that work for the city of our small town didn't know much about or where alot of the water lines were running under the ground. They haven't been here as long as the main man... the one on vacation... yes on vacation...while we were suffering here without water.. no way to wash dishes...and no way to wash clothes...or take a decent bath. I have been thanking God for our water every since it was turn back on. You never know how special something is.. atill you go without it for a while. Never take for granted for the things that you have. A loved ones...water...for food...or whatever it main be. Thank God for it. Happy Easter to Everyone of my friends out there. Love you all so much...And thanks for you wonderful comments. When I say I love You. I mean it.. You know the bible saids to love one another in the Lord. Don't be afraid to tell someone you love them. Now if you go up to a stranger and tell them you love them...they may look at you like you are crazy or something. You can tell them Jesus loves you. I got me a nice bath tonight..It felt so good. It's alot different than just taking a wash rag and wetting it with a little bit of water and washing up with it. Thank you Lord. Got some clothes washed and cleaned up the kitchen. Bath two of my dogs too. Tomorrow I will bath the other two and clean out the kennel and wash their bedding's. I'm doing a little remodeling in the kitchen. I once had painted black checkered prints on the back side of my kitchen wall behind the faucet and all. I painted over all that with white paint. I'm just going to leave it all white. And I'm going to put up two shelves on each side of my kitchen window at the sink. I went to Hobby Lobby and found me eight rod iron shelf holders "that's what I call them" I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. LOL Anyways they are painted white and made to look distressed....I like them that way. I'm trying my best to type my post where you can understand what I'm talking about. It 1:28 in the morning right now as I type away. So I better get off here and get some sleep. Have a great Sat. Come back and visit anytime. When I'm though with the remodeling my kitchen I will posts some picture of it. I didn't take any before pictures...I will try to dig up some old pictures of my kitchen before. take care. God bless.

~ Me...Jon...Austin...to the left and Aaron to the right. Christmas 07~
Aaron wanted to be silly. as always.

Monday, March 10, 2008

~ My crazy girl's.. and my new quilt.~

~My Grandmother when she was about 17 years old.~

Hi, Everyone. Today has been a raining and cold one. A good day to stay inside and do some house work. That I did do. Wash some clothes...did the dishes...I made me some breakfast this morning which I hardly ever do. I had two boiled eggs and two raisin bread. Yum Yum. Bathe one of the dogs. and cleaned the Bath room. Spend some time on the computer...which is hard.... without all of the pooching wanting to get in my lap." O.K. you guys I say... make some room for my lap top." One is growling at the other because she's to close to mom and I've got one crawling in between my arm...it's a sight to see. I don't mine it at all... because once they get settle it's not so bad. Everywhere I go They are right behind me. To the kitchen....to the bath room....to the bed room....they are like hey! let's play follow the leader... and guess who is always the leader...you guess it... me. like I have a choice. Here they are.. while I was in the bath room getting ready to go into town. They just love their mommy. and they are such a joy to my life.
This is Daisy... she was ones my sisters dog. She's a real active dog... that requires alot of TLC. She is a real loving dog. You got to have alot of patience with her...if you don't she acts worst. I found a real nice home for Bessie the big Saint Bernard that I had.. The family that took her in.. fell in love with her right off the bat. They have a baby and two big kids that also fell in love with her. I am so Glad she went to a loving home...and another thing they only have one dog, they will be able to feed her better than I can. I couldn't really afford to feed that big horse..LOL So as soon as I found a home for Bessie, my sister calls me up and ask me if I wanted Daisy...I thought to myself. NO! NO! NO! I try to say no but it didn't work. But I am willing to give her up if I can find the right person for her...because Miss Daisy is a big challenge.

Gretchen and Gracie playing in the dirty clothes. when I do laundry the clothes are piled in the hallway...because their is no room to put them in the bath room. The laundry basket is in the back room the one I use for food pantry... storage and etc. I live in a small mobile home...have to make do with what I have.

~Ginger is always mom's good girl...she's always setting the others straight.~
~How can you resit those eyes. Those are the eyes that always look at me....when she is begging for my attention.

I went into town today and bought this cottage quilt for my bed. I've had been eyeing this quilt for a time now....I was debating rather or not to purchase it for my room. The first time I saw it at the store they had several of them...went back a week later they were all gone I was so disappointed. That was about a month ago. So today I saw this quilt..... that i thought was history.... the only one left in the whole store. I didn't think twice today. I didn't want to take that chance again of missing out on this beautiful quilt. I am very please with it. It just brighten up the whole room. Well I need to get off here.... I need to clean up the kitchen and fold some clothes... and get ready for bed. Jon will be in late tonight. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you had a bless a wonderful day.

Friday, March 7, 2008

~ Snow is falling on my head.~

Hi Everyone... how is your day. I hope your day is as pretty as mine. We have snow this morning. My husband woke me up this morning. Told me he had something he wanted to show me...hurry he said, come look. I got up bearly able to move...walked myself to the door and there was snow everywhere...pretty as can be. So,I took my camera and took some pictures to show you what our morning was like. It didn't stick in to many places....but that's o.k. watching it fall was nice enough for me. But,the after effects is always nasty...that is the part of the snow I do not like. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Days like this I just want to just stay in and stay under the covers...,but I wasn't that lucky. Had to run to the bank, pay a bill...how fun is that? Got to see my little nephew today... had to steal me a hug and kiss from him. Every time I see him I just want to eat him up...he's just as sweet as can be.


~Kalyn and Austin trying to see if their tongue will stick to the Basketball pole...Now why do you want to do that for? That would hurt.

~My flowers in the front yard... I just think they are so pretty with the snow on them.~

~ The Jasmine that is growing on the fence in the back yard. Just lovely with the snow. But as I place my post the snow is melting away....and the sun has popped his head out. The snow was fun to watch even though it didn't last long. A big gift from God to brighten our day...Oh! how wonderful God his to send us this wonderful gift down from heaven, to put a smile on our faces. God is good isn't he?

Austin and Kalyn with a snowball.. As I went into the next town to us....I passed a gas station...there I saw this young girl on top of I would guess, is her parents car, Just a guess. Anyway she had built a small snowman. It was cute. It was I guess maybe 14 inch high. When I saw it I had to smile. You know, God is good. You don't need money or a lot of it to enjoy life. You know the very best things in life are free. Those are the things you can receive from God. Like eternal life. My true happiness is in him. My rewards are in heaven. People just don't know how rich I am.. Not in the worldly things...but rich in the Lord. Thanks for stopping by. Come back and visit again. Have a bless day.

Monday, March 3, 2008

~ So much to share. ~

~Easter is on it's way.~

~ Gracie girl~

Hi, Everyone... A week has passed already since my last post. So much has went on since then. My Doctor's appointment... new things I have purchased...new member of the family. One reason why I haven't posted is because when I do have time to.. I just don't feel like doing anything but resting after I have been taking care of the things that need to be done, and still after that there is more to be done...,but we know it never ends. I hope I made some sense out of what I just said LOL. Well, on with my post for today.... Last week I went for my Doctor's appointment...they manage to get me in before April the second. I was happy... Mother went with me and my youngest niece Jalyn. They diagnose me with Fibromyalgia. The doctor gave me some real strong medicine for me to take when I'm in pain...I take it at night because it makes me sleepy. Now my nights are better and so are my mornings. Those of you who have this same problem know what I'm talking about, the pain you have with this condition.

~My Bye-lo Baby...Isn't she beautiful.~

Tuesday was a big day for Me and Mother.... we took a trip to my Aunt Barbara's house. On our way there, we made some stops to some of our favorite stores and shops..that were along the way. I purchased a bye-lo baby... those of you that have ever seen one you know how beautiful they are...here I have a photo of the one I bought. Thanks to Mother she loan me the money to get her. Thank You Mother. Also I brought home this cute little Dog that my Aunt gave to me...to me she is cute. She is a Poodle Pom...half poodle and half pom. I named her Gracie. She was very shy when I first got her.. she never knew...as far as I know what it was like to ride in a car. On our way home she was nervous...She would every now an than look out the window, and then duck back down. She couldn't figure out what she was in... and all the noise... and the things that were going by.. on the outside of the car window... with people in them. After a day or two.. you can't tell that she has ever been scared of riding in the car... she loves it now. And she thinks she's the ruler in the house. Ginger and Gretchen can't figure out who she thinks she is.. coming into their home trying to boss them around..LOL. She is getting better. I would like to share with you some of my things I bought last week... when me and Mother went Bargain hunting...out favorite thing to do.

More poodles to add to my collections

Love this cottage style heart pillow.

More dolls finds.

An old Book... Dated 1911

This Morning I made cinnamon rolls for my husband to take to work with him to share with all his coworkers. I also made some for us to have this Morning. They were yummy. Well, I better be going, I have some house work to do... And I need to do some stuff in town too. Thanks for stopping by.

Have a bless day,Regina
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