~Farming Life is for me~

Life here in the country, with my chickens,Turkey's,Cats
and Dogs..

And my Rabbits..Is what truly makes me
happy.. And Sharing this life, I love so much with my two wonderful boys and husband..

Hope you find my
blog interesting..You will find here who I really am..and what I love..

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Stop and smell the roses.

Hello..So glad you stopped by. My Monday was good. I took it a little easy..Since, last week was a busy one for me. Doing heavy house cleaning and what not. I had a wonderful Saturday.. My brother put on a big fish fry, down at my grandparents place..there was about 29 of us. The fish was good. I love good fried Bass. Bass is my favorite. Yesterday,I decided to take it easy, on Monday. Didn't do a lot of house cleaning..I did do a little laundry,swept,moped,and cooked a wonderful meal and cleaned up the kitchen afterwards. And that was about it! I did do some defleaing on the dogs. We are going to have fleas bad this year again. I will need to go and purchase some flea drops for the dogs and cats. They are so miserable with the flea's biting them. I took a couple of pictures to share with you. I thought you like to see what we had for dinner last night. I thought it was very yummy. Most of the time I cook healthy meals. I use multi-grain pasta instead of regular pasta. Multi-grain it better for you. I try to include dark green veggies with our meals like broccoli, brussels sprouts,and when we have salad I use romain lettuce instead of ice berg lettuce. The dark Green leafy veggies have more vitamins. They do taste a lot better too. I don't fry our food. We eat all our meals baked or broiled on the stove, but we do occasionally have a taste for something really fating, LOL. If We want fried chicken or something in that range..I go buy it. I won't fry it at home it's to messy.
O.K. here is what we had for dinner last night..I'm just talking to much. Sorry.
The topping for the pasta...yum
~Dinner is served...For all our pasta dishes I use ground turkey instead of ground beef,but when I make meat loaf..I use real lean beef. It cost more but you get what you pay for.... right?When you buy lean meat,you get meat not a lot of water and fat.
I better get off here..I have other things to do. Need to figure up all the bills and get really to pay...BILLS! Sound like fun,yea right. I got some Avon orders to put together. I love Avon. Been selling it for a year now. I love it. Better go. TA TA.

Friday, April 25, 2008

~My purchase has arrived and a special visiter too.~

Hello, So glad you stopped by to visit. I have been so busy..busy as a bee you might say. Cleaning and organizing Went though my winter clothes. The ones I wanted to keep I packed them away in a storage boxes under my bed, and the ones I decided to do away with.. I gave to charity. I thin things out in my room and the living room. Today and yesterday I took four boxes of stuff to our shop. Now cleaning can be a breeze. To much stuff is not good for me. Me and my husband I are so different. He like to keep everything, and I like to get rid of stuff. He tells me I like to throw things away. I only throw trash away. LOL "smile" Not stuff! OH well.
Today I received my things I bought from countingyourblessings.blogspot.com They are homemade dog bones little pillows....made from old material. I love them. They go well with my dog collection. With my purchase she gave me a cute handmade tag and a little book with verses..that goes well with my little china dolls. I am very pleased with my purchase... I will probably purchases more items later on in the future.

It was either Tuesday or Wednesday the kids were outside feeding and watering the animals before they head off to School on the big yellow school bus..Aaron yelled Mama! Mama come quick. I ran out the door thinking something terrible has happened outside..I was thinking one of the animals was hurt, sick or something. Even worst he saw a snake. I opened the front door. Aaron with big eyes. Said look at this big frog..he's huge. I was relieved. I went outside to see it. I told him to pick it up and take him inside and show Jon..No! he said...o.k. I will than.. I brought it inside. Showed it to Jon..He wasn't to interested. But i was. He was the neatest thing. Big eyes looking at me. He was probably thinking when you get though looking at me..do you mind putting me down. Crazing human. LOL He wanted down sooner...so off he hops across the floor...I was thinking if I don't catch this frog he will be in the house and he want survive long. He's not a bull frog. My son thought he was. He's a big tree frog. And tree frogs are hard to hang on to, because they are slick. Not slimming. Just slick. And they can really hop high. He got away three times. I took him back outside and put him up in the tree in the front yard.. i hope he didn't get eaten by the cats. Here some picture of him in the tree. The picture is a little blurring. Sorry.

The above photo is my rose bush..in full bloom. Every year. It has million blooms on it. I just think it beautiful. Well thank you for stopping by. Hope you have a wonderful and bless weekend. By for now.

Monday, April 21, 2008

~My vegetable and flower garden.~

Hello, How is Everyone...Hope all is doing well. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Saturday me and the boys went into town with mom and dad. Ate lunch together..went bargain hunting..and purchase some new flowers and veggies, for the flower bed. So Saturday evening me and the boys spend some time working on that. I had a time digging around in the dirt. I got on all fours in the flower bed, leveling out the dirt and putting in the veggies and flowers in their new place on this earth. One reason i get on my hands and knees in the flower bed, because I don't hurt as bad in my back and legs. Sunday after church, we all went to see Granny and Grandad. we all sit around in a circle in the front yard visiting one another. It was a beautiful day. The sun was out. Shining so bright. My Grandmother has a beautiful yard. She has roses that are so beautiful. Pink, and oranges one. They have a garden growing in their back yard. My uncle is growing it himself, but Granny and Grandad help him with it. They got beets, onions, tomatoes, Greens. We are planning to grow a big one ourselves. But we haven't started it just yet. My husbands idea. I got a few things growing in the front yard in the flower bed. One squash plant, cucumbers, And a tomato plant. Here are some pictures for you to see for yourself, the work we did Saturday. All the brick I found them on our property. I like to take what I got and use it. That's what they call using going Green, or something like that. LOL recycling. I love it. Some alot of money. And to me it looks more appealing. I was outside this morning, and I was able to get some photo shots of a few carnal. The pictures are not two clear. But they turn out o.k. I guess. I guess I better quit radding on and get off here. I have alot to do today. Thanks for stopping by. and hope you enjoy the pictures. Have a wonderful and bless day.
My cucumbers. My squash plant. I hope it makes alot of squash.
My tomato plant. This one will make those little tomatoes that pop in your mouth when you bite into them. These are my favorite.
Flowers I'm growing from seeds, are looking nice. They are for-get-me-nots and something else I can't remember what they are called.
Another one of my things I made by using what I had. My old mailbox. Painted it white. found the bird at a dollar store for a dollar, and the bird nest I paid a quarter for it at a yard sale.
Rosemary I gotten from my Grandmother. Stuck it into a metal pot with some water. Later on I will put the dirt in it. I love rosemary on chicken. yum.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

~ My reward from Mom and priceless gifts from God.~

Hello Everyone.. Today is another beautiful day. Sun is shining so bright... the bees are buzzing and flying in the air. Birds are singing a sweet melody. The dogs are running across the wide open spaces, catching bugs as they try to hop away from the big hairy monsters that's trying to eat them. The breeze is warm and crisp. A beautiful day that's a priceless gift from God above. Days like this when I was a kid I ran bare footed in the Grass...the grass was nice and cool in the shade..I love laying down in the grass..looking up at the big blue sky..trying to make pictures out of the clouds Even now I catch myself looking at the clouds and thinking wouldn't it be nice to sit on one of those big white fluffy clouds. God is so good. He gave us so much to enjoy. That don't cost a dime. Making mud pies..building sand castle at the beach, Counting the stars at night. Making homemade fishing poles and catching bugs for bait, and take a walk down to the big creek... and so much more. Have you ever thought what you can do that don't cost any money out of your pocket. I try to tell my kids that. Well I got one that knows how to find things to do outside. But the other one like to stay inside on the games..I have to push him outside sometimes to play.
I would like to thank my Mother for this reward. THANK YOU! from the bottom of my heart. I love you. So much and now I would like to pass it on to my Grandmother..from Katie's place...I love you very much. And to Cheryl from Cheryl Place's and to Robin from bitter sweet pumpin.
Thanks for stopping by. Have a bless day.

Monday, April 14, 2008

~Saturday fieldtrip, and wonderful finds.~

Hello, Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday. I woke up to a cool Morning of 35 degrees..at 6:00 a.m. real nice. Well Saturday was a fun day..Me and mom and a hand full of lady's from our church went on a fields trip. Went to some Antique shops.. and went to eat some down home food, at a Cafe and shop...very interested, The food was yummy... Everything was homemade, Nothing like frozen premade, popped in the microwave kind of food. I bought some flowers to plant in the yard, haven't planted them yet, but will soon. Here are some of the things I found on our field trip.. Brought them home... cleaned up my treasures... set them up in their new home where they are well loved. Hope you enjoy the pictures...have a great day. Thanks for stopping by. ~An old Basket i found at a yard Sale for 1.00..makes a nice basket for my magazines. O.K. lady's here is my new look in the kitchen.. New shelves was purchases from a big Antiques shop..Theses are just regular shelves that somebody did some nice work to them..both only cost me 10.00 for the set. I think they look great in the kitchen. When I bought them, I had no idea where I was going to put them. It didn't dawn on me about the kitchen atill I got home. I had in mind for some different shelves in the kitchen..but they were just to heavy, these are just right. I love them. Here is a closer view of the shelves and my special little nick knack...New shutters for my kitchen window...Only thing I wish they were longer..they don't fit the length of the window..they are to short...but i still like them. Only gave 3.00 a piece for them. 6.00 a set is a bargain. And they were already painted..just the color I wanted. Now that is a bargain.More goodies.. some wraping paper with vintage post cards. Old dogs figrines I just think they are special. And a cottage wooden planter box.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

~ A Texas Historic Landmark~

~Jon coming down the stairway.

Hi Everyone... My day was a good one. It was hot....feels like I been in a sauna all day..sweating though my clothes. peeU!LOL. Well I forgot to mention about our nice little visit to an Historic homes.. I know you are saying how could she forget that. I have asked myself the same question. LOL It was beautiful. Thank goodies I had my phone or I wouldn't been able to get some pictures. My real camera would been better..But thank God I had the next's best thing. Let me tell you alittle bit about it.
Before the Civil War, a well-to-do Tyler bachelor named Samuel Gallatin Smith built a four bedroom house on a knoll between the rocks and trees of his nine acres. He called it "Bonnie Castle." Before going to war as a Confederate captain. Smith sold the place to F.N. Gary, who in turn conveyed it to Dr. Samuel A. Goodman. Dr. Goodman later later sold the house to his son, Confederate, army surgeon Dr. William J. Goodman, as a home for his new bride Priscilla Gaston Goodman.

Dr. and Mrs. Goodman had three children in the home; Sallie, Will, and Etta. Sallie married married James Le grand and the Goodman house became their home after the passing of her father.

The house was enlarged and remodeled from a single story to a "Texas Colonial" with two stories. In 1926, it was given the Greek Revival facade it has today. Much or the community activity in the early days of Tyler centered around the Goodman home.

Sallie Goodman Le Grand bequeathed the palatial home to the City of Tyler upon her passing in 1939. Today the Goodman-Le Grand house contains the original furnings and belongings of the family.

All Protograph, and the family furnishings and memorabilia dating from the mid-1800's
The home was Built in 1859. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Thanks for stopping by...God Bless.~Beautiful light figure hanging from the ceiling.
Isn't it just beautiful...I really has a time in this beautiful Mansion.

~Mr. and Mrs. Goodman.~

~A nice view looking down from the stairway. Just beautiful.~
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