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Friday, April 25, 2008

~My purchase has arrived and a special visiter too.~

Hello, So glad you stopped by to visit. I have been so busy..busy as a bee you might say. Cleaning and organizing Went though my winter clothes. The ones I wanted to keep I packed them away in a storage boxes under my bed, and the ones I decided to do away with.. I gave to charity. I thin things out in my room and the living room. Today and yesterday I took four boxes of stuff to our shop. Now cleaning can be a breeze. To much stuff is not good for me. Me and my husband I are so different. He like to keep everything, and I like to get rid of stuff. He tells me I like to throw things away. I only throw trash away. LOL "smile" Not stuff! OH well.
Today I received my things I bought from countingyourblessings.blogspot.com They are homemade dog bones little pillows....made from old material. I love them. They go well with my dog collection. With my purchase she gave me a cute handmade tag and a little book with verses..that goes well with my little china dolls. I am very pleased with my purchase... I will probably purchases more items later on in the future.

It was either Tuesday or Wednesday the kids were outside feeding and watering the animals before they head off to School on the big yellow school bus..Aaron yelled Mama! Mama come quick. I ran out the door thinking something terrible has happened outside..I was thinking one of the animals was hurt, sick or something. Even worst he saw a snake. I opened the front door. Aaron with big eyes. Said look at this big frog..he's huge. I was relieved. I went outside to see it. I told him to pick it up and take him inside and show Jon..No! he said...o.k. I will than.. I brought it inside. Showed it to Jon..He wasn't to interested. But i was. He was the neatest thing. Big eyes looking at me. He was probably thinking when you get though looking at me..do you mind putting me down. Crazing human. LOL He wanted down sooner...so off he hops across the floor...I was thinking if I don't catch this frog he will be in the house and he want survive long. He's not a bull frog. My son thought he was. He's a big tree frog. And tree frogs are hard to hang on to, because they are slick. Not slimming. Just slick. And they can really hop high. He got away three times. I took him back outside and put him up in the tree in the front yard.. i hope he didn't get eaten by the cats. Here some picture of him in the tree. The picture is a little blurring. Sorry.

The above photo is my rose bush..in full bloom. Every year. It has million blooms on it. I just think it beautiful. Well thank you for stopping by. Hope you have a wonderful and bless weekend. By for now.


Peggy said...

have a great weekend. Love the frog photos!

Shelley said...

Good morning Regina,love those little bone shaped pillows. Better keep them out of reach of the doggies,or they will have a time with them.....yuk....I am with Aaron...no way I am holding that frog. He is kind'a cute though...

Love ya,Mom

Betzie said...

Such cute pillows! I can tell you are a dog lover like me! You know I hear those frogs in our woods all the time, but I have never seen one! GREAT SHOTS! So neat to see what one looks like..that's amazing you found it.

Anonymous said...

Sweet photos and you have been so busy.I finally got a day off and now im just sipping coffee and watching Paula cook.
Maybe I can use your inspiration and get busy today.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Those lil dog bone pillows are very cute! Love the frog....our neighbor kid found a grass snake today....Spring is here!!

Cheryl said...

I love your rose bush! So pretty!!

I am the one that saves everything and my DH would love to get out the magic green bags (as he calls the garbage bags) and get rid of bunches of stuff. I'm not ready for that yet.

You bought some neat things from Counting Your Blessings!!

Cool frog!!

Take care, Regina.

Counting Your Blessings said...

Well the bones look right at home =) The Antique Paperie has such wonderful tags! I'm glad you liked it. Have a wonderful evening. Blessings... Polly

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...


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