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Monday, April 14, 2008

~Saturday fieldtrip, and wonderful finds.~

Hello, Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday. I woke up to a cool Morning of 35 degrees..at 6:00 a.m. real nice. Well Saturday was a fun day..Me and mom and a hand full of lady's from our church went on a fields trip. Went to some Antique shops.. and went to eat some down home food, at a Cafe and shop...very interested, The food was yummy... Everything was homemade, Nothing like frozen premade, popped in the microwave kind of food. I bought some flowers to plant in the yard, haven't planted them yet, but will soon. Here are some of the things I found on our field trip.. Brought them home... cleaned up my treasures... set them up in their new home where they are well loved. Hope you enjoy the pictures...have a great day. Thanks for stopping by. ~An old Basket i found at a yard Sale for 1.00..makes a nice basket for my magazines. O.K. lady's here is my new look in the kitchen.. New shelves was purchases from a big Antiques shop..Theses are just regular shelves that somebody did some nice work to them..both only cost me 10.00 for the set. I think they look great in the kitchen. When I bought them, I had no idea where I was going to put them. It didn't dawn on me about the kitchen atill I got home. I had in mind for some different shelves in the kitchen..but they were just to heavy, these are just right. I love them. Here is a closer view of the shelves and my special little nick knack...New shutters for my kitchen window...Only thing I wish they were longer..they don't fit the length of the window..they are to short...but i still like them. Only gave 3.00 a piece for them. 6.00 a set is a bargain. And they were already painted..just the color I wanted. Now that is a bargain.More goodies.. some wraping paper with vintage post cards. Old dogs figrines I just think they are special. And a cottage wooden planter box.


Cheryl said...

Very nice, Regina!

Katie said...

Hello Regina, wish I had of been on the field trip ,with your mom and you. sounds like so much fun.
I like the little shelves u have. you have such good taste in decorating in your home , every thing looks so pretty,Next time I make a trip over there I want to come in and visit , and see all your pretty things. MANY BLESSINGS LOVE GRANNY KAY

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hey Regina! Great find on the shutters! They are very hard to find as I know they are sought after for crafts etc..They look great...who cares if they are a little short!
I hope your family is well...

Shelley said...

Hello Daughter, your shelfs look great there by the kitchen window. I am glad you decided to picked them up,and they were such a good buy.That little bull dog with the shoe in his mouth is to cute.I wouldn't mind going back to Edom some time.

Lov ya,Mom

Faith's Vintage Vanity said...

Thanks for the welcome message. I love the shelves! (Of course I would, because of the "jewels" on them). Thanks again, Faith

Making it lovely (SP) said...

Sounds like you had lots of fun on the field trip.
I am a swedish woman living in Singapore, I ty to decorate my home again:-)


Irish Cottage Dreams said...

I love all the pretties!
I thought I would stop in and see your blog.
It is very pretty and I love the music. Josh Groban is one of my favorites :)
Best wishes, Kimme

Anonymous said...


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