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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Stop and smell the roses.

Hello..So glad you stopped by. My Monday was good. I took it a little easy..Since, last week was a busy one for me. Doing heavy house cleaning and what not. I had a wonderful Saturday.. My brother put on a big fish fry, down at my grandparents place..there was about 29 of us. The fish was good. I love good fried Bass. Bass is my favorite. Yesterday,I decided to take it easy, on Monday. Didn't do a lot of house cleaning..I did do a little laundry,swept,moped,and cooked a wonderful meal and cleaned up the kitchen afterwards. And that was about it! I did do some defleaing on the dogs. We are going to have fleas bad this year again. I will need to go and purchase some flea drops for the dogs and cats. They are so miserable with the flea's biting them. I took a couple of pictures to share with you. I thought you like to see what we had for dinner last night. I thought it was very yummy. Most of the time I cook healthy meals. I use multi-grain pasta instead of regular pasta. Multi-grain it better for you. I try to include dark green veggies with our meals like broccoli, brussels sprouts,and when we have salad I use romain lettuce instead of ice berg lettuce. The dark Green leafy veggies have more vitamins. They do taste a lot better too. I don't fry our food. We eat all our meals baked or broiled on the stove, but we do occasionally have a taste for something really fating, LOL. If We want fried chicken or something in that range..I go buy it. I won't fry it at home it's to messy.
O.K. here is what we had for dinner last night..I'm just talking to much. Sorry.
The topping for the pasta...yum
~Dinner is served...For all our pasta dishes I use ground turkey instead of ground beef,but when I make meat loaf..I use real lean beef. It cost more but you get what you pay for.... right?When you buy lean meat,you get meat not a lot of water and fat.
I better get off here..I have other things to do. Need to figure up all the bills and get really to pay...BILLS! Sound like fun,yea right. I got some Avon orders to put together. I love Avon. Been selling it for a year now. I love it. Better go. TA TA.


Shelley said...

Hi Regina, that pasta dish you made looks yummy.I should have came for supper(smile).I had a great time at the fish fry as well. It was a lot of fun...

Love ya,Mom

Sharon said...

That looks really good and it sounds like it is really healthy too!

~ Sharon

Michelle said...

That dish looks delicious and very healthy! I'm going to have to try whole wheat pasta again..


BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Regina! Your supper looks great...we had take out..I should've cooked as I didn't care for what I ended up with...LOL

Have a great weekend!

Amrita said...

I love your roses and food tips.CAn I make pasta with dark cabbage and broccoli? It looks so delicious.

Anonymous said...


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