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And my Rabbits..Is what truly makes me
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Monday, April 21, 2008

~My vegetable and flower garden.~

Hello, How is Everyone...Hope all is doing well. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Saturday me and the boys went into town with mom and dad. Ate lunch together..went bargain hunting..and purchase some new flowers and veggies, for the flower bed. So Saturday evening me and the boys spend some time working on that. I had a time digging around in the dirt. I got on all fours in the flower bed, leveling out the dirt and putting in the veggies and flowers in their new place on this earth. One reason i get on my hands and knees in the flower bed, because I don't hurt as bad in my back and legs. Sunday after church, we all went to see Granny and Grandad. we all sit around in a circle in the front yard visiting one another. It was a beautiful day. The sun was out. Shining so bright. My Grandmother has a beautiful yard. She has roses that are so beautiful. Pink, and oranges one. They have a garden growing in their back yard. My uncle is growing it himself, but Granny and Grandad help him with it. They got beets, onions, tomatoes, Greens. We are planning to grow a big one ourselves. But we haven't started it just yet. My husbands idea. I got a few things growing in the front yard in the flower bed. One squash plant, cucumbers, And a tomato plant. Here are some pictures for you to see for yourself, the work we did Saturday. All the brick I found them on our property. I like to take what I got and use it. That's what they call using going Green, or something like that. LOL recycling. I love it. Some alot of money. And to me it looks more appealing. I was outside this morning, and I was able to get some photo shots of a few carnal. The pictures are not two clear. But they turn out o.k. I guess. I guess I better quit radding on and get off here. I have alot to do today. Thanks for stopping by. and hope you enjoy the pictures. Have a wonderful and bless day.
My cucumbers. My squash plant. I hope it makes alot of squash.
My tomato plant. This one will make those little tomatoes that pop in your mouth when you bite into them. These are my favorite.
Flowers I'm growing from seeds, are looking nice. They are for-get-me-nots and something else I can't remember what they are called.
Another one of my things I made by using what I had. My old mailbox. Painted it white. found the bird at a dollar store for a dollar, and the bird nest I paid a quarter for it at a yard sale.
Rosemary I gotten from my Grandmother. Stuck it into a metal pot with some water. Later on I will put the dirt in it. I love rosemary on chicken. yum.


Shelley said...

Regina, everything looks great. I know you worked hard and I pray you will get many results and good things to eat. The birds are so pretty. Cardinals are one of my favorite birds.

Love you, Mom

Donna said...

Hi Regina! Thank you for sharing the story about the two squirrels you raised last year... I'm so sorry one of them was run over. Being an animal lover, like you, I understand how sad that must have been.
You have a beautiful yard and garden. I loved all the pretty touches you've put in, and forget-me-nots are just the prettiest flowers!
I hope you have a wonderful week!... Donna

Michelle said...

Hi Regina,
Thanks for stopping by.. yes, Sparky is spoiled! I love your pictures..the bird in the mailbox is too sweet! You are so lucky to have cardinals..one of my favorite birds!

Have a wonderful day.


Cheryl said...

Everything looks great! You must take after your mother, you both are so creative.

Take care, Regina.

Katie said...

Hi Regina, we sure enjoyed the visit with you all. your flower beds are looking good, and the vegetable plants too. I LOVE THE BIRDS TOO , I HAVE SOME CARDINALS, TOO THAT COME TO VISIT US IN OUR YARD OFTEN.I LOVE BIRDS, AND LIKE TO WATCH THEM WHEN THEY COME TO GET A DRINK IN THE BIRD BATH. AND

tiger said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.

Anonymous said...


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