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And my Rabbits..Is what truly makes me
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Thursday, December 27, 2007

~ Aaron and Austin room.~

~This is what Aaron likes to do with his free time.~

~ The boy's bookshelf.~

~ The boy's coat rack.~

~ Austin playing with his new army, lego's. He got for Christmas. ~

Hi, Everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I know I had a wonderful Christmas. We all went to Mother's. There was eighteen all together. Food was spread out on the table, Different desserts to choose from. If you wanted to. LOL. I was sick with a bad case of allergy's that made my throat hurt and left me with a headache. When I went home I went straight to bed. And got up later when my head ache was goes, I looked like I was dead. My face was so swelled. It was a sight to see. But think God that is over. The kids had a good Christmas, Me and Jon brought them a cameo comforter and sheets for their bed. I spends 3 hours in there yesterday. We CLEANED went though everything. Now as you can see the room is so nice. Everything is dusted, the floor was vacuumed. Only thing I hope it stayed that away. I better get going. I got things to do. Thanks for stopping by. Have a bless and wonderful day. I will be making a post on the Baby's bunny, later on today. They are getting so big.


Shelley said...

The boys room looks real nice Regina, you did a great job cleaning it all up.Would you like to come tackle J.W.'s room. I think there is still a room under all that mess.(smile)

Lov ya, Mom

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hey Regina!! If you are interested I have Camo valances for the windows....
My son had the Camo theme years ago...I got a great deal on some valances...they are in great shape if you want them....I'd be happy to send them your way!
Glad to hear you had a great Christmas!!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Regina...email me via the link on my profile page with the width of the windows and how many windows there are!!! Also include your address!

Anonymous said...


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