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Monday, April 7, 2008

~The new dresser and all my pretty's~

Hello.... Today was a peaceful day... Even though it was up in the high 80's. Went out and planted a potted Jasmine in the flower bed. The sun was out and shining so bright, a very beautiful day it was..even though it was in the 80's... the breeze felt nice a cool, which I am thankful for. Well Saturday was a busy day for us...My brother came by and visited awhile, it was nice to have him over.. he doesn't come by that often. My Husband repaired part of the living room floor...where at one time the mobile home had a big air vent in the floor, because I used to have Central air and heat that really didn't do it's job. So it was taken out and where the vent was on the floor we just laid a piece of plywood over it to cover the opening... and it left the floor with Little raise in it over in the corner up against the wall. That's where my dresser is going to be place.. so before the dresser was delivered, my husband got busy fixing the problem..it's looks alot better. He did a good job. And while he was doing that me and the boys got busy cleaning their room... I cleaned the windows, and took out the old air conditioner that was sitting in their bed room window. We never used last summer. Because it was full of black mole.. I try ed to clean it. But it didn't clean up good enough to suit me. We are allergen to black mold... We have a big air conditioner in the living room that's big enough to cool the whole house. And with fan's in the other rooms the cool air can circulate. But one enough to keep clean and plus they will run up your light bill. I haven't use the air condition yet... I will wait atill it gets up in the 90's Just trying to save money.. and will use fan's at night. So enough on that. let's get to the dresser. The dresser was deliver to the house Saturday. My brother and My husband went and pick it up for me...It's was a load to carry. We all know that old furniture are extremity heavy. But they it...I told them thank you and I really appreciated it. Well here is my new dresser.. I love it. It has A lot of storage place. We have all of our movies stored here and ond other little things that make the house look cluttered up. Enjoy the picture. And thanks for stopping by. And have a bless day.

Some of the items that are posted on here... I received as a trade with Mother. It's good to have some one close to you like a Mother when you both have the same interested in things. Trading back and forth with things is fun. The piece of chair that is standing up against the wall and the dresser.. I only gave a dollor for it. I will be keeping my eye open for vintage linens to hang on it.

I was just wondering if y'all could help me out... I don't know if I really like the basket there, Do you think it looks good there...or should I move it. Please give me your opinion


Katie said...

Hello Regina, I like your new dresser, and all the pretty things.
Iknow to morrow is your birthday.
wanted to say we love you very much and wishing you a very happy birtday, i have you a birthday card and didnt get it mailed in time' so wanted to say it this way.
Today was grandads birthday
and he had a very nice day.
God bless you all . Granny Kay

Cheryl said...

Hi, Regina,

I think that the basket would look fine if it were white/pink to match the color theme you have going there. Or Maybe if you have white/pink doillies to hang over the side to see if it will blend in a little better. OK, this is just my opinion doesn't really mean a whole lot because if you like the way it looks that's all that really matters.

That dresser does have a lot of character, I love it!!

So glad the weather is warming up for you all down there in Texas. It has gotten into the 60's here, yay!!!

Take care, Regina.
Happy Birthday to you!! Have a great day!! Glad your Grandma mentioned it.


Shelley said...

Happy Birthday Dear Regina...Happy Birthday to you.......
I love the dresser and it looks so nice with all the pretty things displayed on it. I am glad you found it and could use it for great storage. The basket does look a little out of place with all the other things, but like Cheryl said ,if you like it thats what matters the most...of course you know I always give my opinion,but since you ask.........The dolls and the little book in it are so very sweet. I do have some small white baskets should you like to have one. I love you so much and pray you will have a wonderful birthday today.....Bless you,Mom

regina barnett said...

I think I will paint it white..white will look a lot better. I was thinking the same thing. I wasn't sure if I would be happy with it painted. Thanks for your nice opinion. and the nice Happy Birthday.

Cheryl said...

OK, Regina you are probably gonna want to shoot me but before you paint it borrow one of your mother's white baskets and see what it looks like. I am thinking it may need to be a little smaller, too. Just more of my opinion that may not be worth a whole lot.

somebody said...


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