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Thursday, April 3, 2008

~My kids are driving me batty....Please help~

Help! I'm going crazy.. Mom I want a cell phone..Mom can I do this, can I do that...Can I stay the night with so and so. Please, help God! Is it me or is it my kids...maybe it's both. My boys are only 12 years old... They are acting like big kids...what happen to Mama's little boys? They start first thing when they get off the bus in the evening. They start raiding the icebox..Pulling out this..pulling out that. It's like, When are you ever going to stop? My nerves sometimes can't handle it. Another thing, when it was time to take their bathes.. they both asked.. Me, Mom can we take a shower tonight..we always have to take bathes...We are big enough to take showers without making a mess...were not babies anymore..(the prase I hate, Were not babies anymore.) I thought o.k.,They did do pretty good last time. I told them o.k.,but be sure to keep the shower curtain close, If you don't water will get everywhere. Since the boys room is on the other side of the wall,if water gets in the floor it goes right into their closet. Aaron did good,no water was in the floor.. I was very pleased. I sent Austin in there to bathe.. told him what I told Aaron about the curtain and all. He was o.k. with it and so was I. Everything was going great..I decided to go check the closet make sure everything was o.k. I reach and felt the floor there was a puddle of water..I was so upset I wanted to cry. I went into the bathroom check the curtain and it was as I expected. It was open alittle. I raised my voice..I said Austin you got water in the floor..See.. the floor in the closet has that raffle board so when it gets wet it will crubble.. that's what I told him. I told him that's why I got so upset. And then If it doesn't air out..it will start to stink. We don't have a window in the bathroom nor, do we have a window where their closet is. To top all that, the plumping under the sink came undone. I was like,What's next? It wasn't just the kids that upset me.. it was just one of those days. Those days that I hate,like everything just goes wrong. I try so hard to keep the house clean,I want it to stay that way for awhile...you heard that for awhile. I like it to smell so good, I know it can't... I can wish can I? I just love making improvement..I just don't want to start from square one again..It's like I haven't had the chance to get to this, without having to repent #1over and over and over again. Is that what Mother's do?..Oh... that's what I thought. And when can I ever go on a vacation? Peace come into my mind and soul Lord, Help me and give me strength to do what I have to do. Help me to take one day at a time. I love that song! My Mother has sung that song many..many times in Church. I remember singing it with her when I was about 5 years old. Well,I better get off here and get to bed. I will go and kiss my little angels good night! They are my little angels forever and always..no matter how big they will get. Thank you for stopping by and letting me vent, God Bless. Regina


Cheryl said...

Oh, man I have days like this, too. I'm feeling for ya. Hope it is better tomorrow. I will say a little prayer for you.

Thanks for the comment on my blog.


Shelley said...

Hi Dear Daughter,clam down and take a deeeeep breath...... You have all those teen years ahead,but you are a wonderful Mom and you will do just fine. It's hard letting them take on their own independence.....I so know this.I am so proud of you as you have done such a great job with your boys.You also take much pride in your home and have made it a lovely comfortable dwelling for your family.
I love you so.....Mom

Amrita said...

I too feel the same way sometimes taking care of my 2 elders. They are like babies too.

Anonymous said...


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