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Thursday, May 7, 2009

~ Dogs, Cats, and Flowers...OH MY! ~

Hello...So glad I get a chance to leave another post... Well all is doing well around these neck of the woods, Pete is doing fine, he is back outside..... recovered good. I took Barkley my Basset Hound to the Vet. he has heart worms, So now he is in the house stuck in the dogie kennel for 30 days..He's out just long enough to go to potty and get a drink of water...poor thing. Because he is getting what they call a short term treatment to get rend of the heart worms..He'll go back to the Vet. and get retested, once the test come back negative he will start taking his heart guard tablet once a month... Now I have kittens also, to batches of them.. A total of seven kittens..What am I to do! LOL Help! One has already got a home once it is big enough. But I still have six more, and two Mama cats that needs to be fixes..FOR GOOD! I called about cost..Well another problem,,EXPENSIVE!

! What A Big Sucker !

Yesterday "My Boys" Aaron and Austin... Bought me some flowers for Mother Day..

The School was saling flowers and vegetable plants to students and teachers to give for Mother day...They do it every year..I Love it..BECAUSE I GET FLOWERS... They have so much fun buying flowers...for me..They are so over joyed when they percent to me with their bundles..and I'm excited too, because I love flowers. I went and pick them up and brought them home and planted them in my flower Bed..

Austin picked out the vegetable plants and Aaron picked out flowers.. Austin said that we needed a Garden...So we have some tomato plants, zucchini squash and pepper plants too.. Aaron got two snap dragons plants, Begonias, and another one I'm not sure what it is.. But it very pretty...The blooms looks like little roses...Very pretty..


Ashley said...

I'm so glad Pete is feeling better. What darling little kitties... I bet they sound pretty cute all meowing together with their tiny little voices. What sweet boys you have... and the picked some very pretty plants! I can't wait until my boys are old enough to start doing things like that for me!

Boo-Bah said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on my Mr. Sunshine.

I am so sorry for the loss of your special little friends. I know how hard it can be. I am happy to hear that Pete is recovering.

Someone once told me that God had chosen me to care for sick animals. It might be true. In the past two years I have lost Tita (chihuahua) to epilepsy. 10 days later my Trinket (pekingese) died in her sleep. Last June I lost another cat who was so special. His name was Ya Ya Doodles. He wasn't quite 3 years and he died of cancer. My Mr. Sunshine was sick with chronic renal failure and the last five years of his life he had to be given fluids daily sometimes intravenously and other times injected into the loose skin around his neck.

I hope all your precious little kitties will find homes. They are so pretty.

Your plants look so pretty, Your boys did a good job of picking out some nice ones.

Shelley said...

Very pretty pictures...I am glad the boys always remember you on Mother's day...they are very sweet sons....your yard looks beautiful. I would love to have one of those precious kitties,if only Duke would be nice........don't want another heartache like before.....

Love you,Mom

Rachel said...

Oh sooo precious... you shouldn't have a hard time finding homes for those sweethearts!

Gee said...

Dear Regina.

The kittens are really cute. I love cats too.

somebody said...


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