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Life here in the country, with my chickens,Turkey's,Cats
and Dogs..

And my Rabbits..Is what truly makes me
happy.. And Sharing this life, I love so much with my two wonderful boys and husband..

Hope you find my
blog interesting..You will find here who I really am..and what I love..

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hello, Friends. I am up late... So I decided to leave a post to say hello... I really don't know where to begin...So much to share with you. Well I guess I can start with the weather...we got alot of rain today. So that means my little garden got a good drink... I went out yesterday and took a look at the Squash and tomatoes and cucumbers... I have little squash starting to form and I have blooms on my tomato plant. Can't wait to share with you my first pick out of the Garden. I also discover some beautiful pink roses on my rose vine...They are called Antique Roses. They are beautiful. I did some laundry today and yesterday too.

Sweep and moped.. Yesterday For Dinner I decided to take out some pork chops out of the freezer...some with and without bones, And I took out two bags of Fresh fish that my brother gave me that he caught at a local lake. I decided to grill them for Dinner outside on my Barbee Q grill. The fish was the best...I would say. Grilled Bass is good. And we also had sweet potato patties with Cinnamon and Pumpkin spice on top Halve of them with marshmallow cream and the other halve without it. Salad and Rice with butter..I like Rice with my fish...And since the Grill was still hot I went ahead and took some hot dogs out of the ice box and threw them on the Grill also. So today for dinner we had left over. Hope your day was a bless one. God bless. Mother's day was great.. And since I didn't get around to post on Mother's Day about my Mother....I would like to do so right now. I Love my Mother very much...she raised me right...she is my best friend..She is someone who I can talk to. I can relate to her and she can relate to me. I just want to say once again...I Love You Mother..


Greg said...

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Gregory E. Lang
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BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Regina!! I am so glad to see you blogging...I am popping my head in to say Hello...your menu sounds yummy!


Shelley said...

Love you to Regina,very much.....
Love, Mom

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Isn't it rejoiceful to have veggies grow in your garden?! Such wonderful treats!

Stopping by to wish you a great week!!


Amrita said...

The menu is so good.Hope you are having a good week

Cheryl said...

Hi, Regina!
Just thought I would pop by. I haven't been doing much as far commenting on friends blogs lately and am trying to get a little caught up.

I look forward to seeing the things from your garden before you eat them. And when you have a chance I would love to see your roses on your Antique Rose vine.

Hope you are having a great day, today!
Take care, Regina.

Anonymous said...


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