~Farming Life is for me~

Life here in the country, with my chickens,Turkey's,Cats
and Dogs..

And my Rabbits..Is what truly makes me
happy.. And Sharing this life, I love so much with my two wonderful boys and husband..

Hope you find my
blog interesting..You will find here who I really am..and what I love..

Monday, June 13, 2011

A New Day at The Barnett's Homestead

Hello. Everyone in blog land.. Woke up to the sound of chickens ready to start their day..:) Some people don't like to be woke up by the sound of a Roster crowing... But I find it peaceful... I find peacefulness being surrounded by Gods Nature.. Cats Meowing, Dogs Barking, Chickens making their happy sounds..(its what I call it..:) Birds flying above me, as they do their daily thing to stay alive.. Looking at the flowers, trees, watching and seeing, and looking for any new life, that might be coming forth out of the ground.. I find excitement in little things like these.. As you may say, I am simple... Yes, I truly am.. I love it so very much.. I love the things that my Father has bless me with..:) Life is truly a blessing..Life in everything.. Is a gift from my father.. And I respect, and appreciate everything that has life in it.. Here I will share with you the things that I love..Hope you enjoy..

~ My Flowers in the front yard..Looking their best~

~Just one of the eleven chickens, that I have.~

Yes she has a bare behind.......poor girl.....I don't know what to do about it.

Fresh eggs every morning.......

~My Birds have left their nest.. Hoping they are doing OK..~

My Crape Myrtle tree, in my front yard that I love to sit under at times..Makes a nice shade tree..:) ~Kipper and Fester having a little play time..~

Thanks for stopping by our Homestead today...hope you will visit again very soon......Regina


Shelley said...

You amaze me how you make things grow...love you.

Vivian said...

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