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Friday, January 8, 2010

~My goodwill finds~

Hello Everyone...I have some wonderful Things to share with you...Me and Mother spent nearly a whole day together, we went to pier ones, and some other nice stores and looked around..But,our number one store was the Goodwill..you can find so many nice things there...I left the goodwill a happy woman..LOL I didn't buy any clothes, Didn't say I didn't try any on..After trying them on, I felt to disgusted to buy any...LOL But,I found some things much better than clothes..(I have plenty of clothes anyways) Well,Here they are....Tau dumb!

~ This pillow I paid only $3.49 for it~
~The beautiful Birdhouses were, big one was 7.99

and the little one was 6.99..The big birdhouse had the

regular prize on it, marked 30.00..I payed less than that for

everything...See way I was so happy....YAY!

I brought the frame for .99 And the picture was just an old calender.. I bought them both for .99 each, I love it, it makes a very nice picture, I think....

~This blue frame, Bought for .99 I turned it into a collage of the boys.~

This pretty tissue box, was only 1.49...


BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Regina! I love your finds...and I especially love Goodwill! You sound like me, I get so disgusted when I try things on and can't find anything that looks good...or maybe we're too picky!


Shelley said...

I enjoyed our day together very much...it has been awhile since we have had the opportunity to spend the day together doing what we love....you did find some very nice things and such a great deal on them.....it looks nice how you have it all displayed....love you bunches....mama

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Anonymous said...


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