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Friday, February 22, 2008

~One of those days~

Hi Everyone how are doing. I hope fine. I'm doing o.k. I guess. I have not been feeling well lately. I've had trouble with my hands and wrist this passed week. I've had.... seem like constants pain in them. Even through the night, took pain pills didn't seem to work. I went for my Doctors appointment this morning... A arthritis Doctor. I was almost to where I needed to be and they called me on my cell phone.. told me they needed to reset my appointment. That's Great. I was disappointed. I was ready to find out what is going on. Now I'll have to wait atill April 2, What a let down. On top of all that my husband took off from work. And where I have to go for my Doctor's appointment is a hour away... and we have to pay 3.50 a gallon for Diesel to go into our Jeep. Oh well life goes on. I Have not been doing heavy house cleaning in awhile. Just alittle here and there. Been keeping laundry washed and dishes cleaned. And the carpet the best I can. Don't feel like doing to much when your hands are always in pain. Typing on the computer.. is not helping it any. LOL Last night the phone wouldn't work.. so my husband called the phone company's... they came out today and fixed it. Thank God. The Rabbit are all big now... most of them anyways. I need to find home for some of them. I have some body that wants to buy four of them for is wife and kids. But he hasn't been by yet. The food Gets expenses. The Picture I have above is a real old doll that I have. I believe she is from the 20's. She have a voice box's... at one time she probably cried or something. I wish it worked. She needs alot of work done to her. But the may thing, her face is beautiful. I don't leave her out.. I keep her packed away, for safety reason. I don't have a perfect place for her. I have thought about selling her... but I don't know just yet.Thank you all for stopping by. Have a bless day.


Simply Stork said...

I think she is lovely...I love old dollies...

thank you so much for visiting me...please feel free to visit again anytime...


Shelley said...

Hi Dear daughter, I love your doll. You are so right, she does have a beautiful face. Hope you get to feeling better. Sorry you could'nt see the doctor this morning.

Love, Mom

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I think it's terrible that they cancelled your appointment just a few minutes before and now they are making you wait more than a month for the new visit. Shame on them.

Cheryl said...

I'm with Lynn on this one. Is that the only Doctor you can see? I would check with your regular Doctor or your insurance and see if there is other Doctors that do the same thing that might could get you in sooner. I hate it when doctors do that, it's like they don't really care about you, so sad. I care, I know that doesn't help the pain for me to care. I would seriously be looking for a different Doctor that you could make to understand that you need 24 hours notice on a cancellation, that's what they tell us.

I do love the doll, so sweet!

Take care, Regina.

somebody said...


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