~Farming Life is for me~

Life here in the country, with my chickens,Turkey's,Cats
and Dogs..

And my Rabbits..Is what truly makes me
happy.. And Sharing this life, I love so much with my two wonderful boys and husband..

Hope you find my
blog interesting..You will find here who I really am..and what I love..

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

~ Welcome to my small and cozy home. ~

~ I just love how this turned out. So pretty. ~

~ I bought two of these candles, For .90 each. They are peach and Ginger. It smell really good. I haven't burned it yet. I'm afraid of messing it up. They gets so ugly. after you light them.

~ Aaron and Austin watching a movie, before they have to go to bed.

~ Gretchen staying warm by the heater. She knows where it is warm. Smart Dog. ~

~ A little Entry way coming from the Boys room into the little room. Their room is a add on. Can you believe this little room is the regular room. This was their room at one time. It was fine when they were new Born's. But as they gotten older, we had to add on.

~ I love this picture. It's actually a poster, I just cut it to fit this frame. ~ Looks good in their room, I think.

~ Their book shelf, Filled with nice books to read. ~ Aaron and Austin star wars posters. They use to be big on star wars. When the new movie came out, They wanted everything that was star wars.

~ The regular print of the Houston Agosto. The frame is old too. I bought it at a Yard Sale for .50. I grab it up fast. I know it's worth alot more than that.

~ They are into Video Games. ~ I don't think they will need anymore games. Look at the stack. What do you think.

~ We have a pet turtle in the fish aquarium. and the sugar slider is to the right of it. We have animals everywhere. I told my mom one time, that I felt like I had a zoo of my own. I can't imagine my life without animals.

~ I moved the movies into the little room. Which is just on the other side of the wall. To make room in the living area. I got all the movies dusted, and put away nice and neat. Just the way I like it.

~ This chair was in the living area. I put it in the boys room. So they could have a place to sit in their room
~ My kitchen, It's small. But I am thankful for it. I don't have to spend all day cleaning it. Which is a blessing in itself. My legs and back can't hold up to long anyways. Aaron snackig on some chips.

Hi, Everyone Just thought I would show you my living room and the kitchen, and the boys room. I rearrange the living room and cleaned up the small part of the boys room. I do love the living room better this way. There is more room now than there was before. Well the kids are off to bed and I'm just typing away at my lap top, and drinking my cappuccino. French Vanilla my favorite. I'm Staying up late waiting for a call from mom to let me know when to pick up my brother from Band." At the school". Thanks for stopping by, Hope your day was a bless one. I know my was.


Shelley said...

Good morning Regina, everything looks so nice and cozy. Love the pictures ! Thanks again for picking J.W. up after the game. Bet those candles would smell great lit !

Lov ya much, Mom

Cheryl said...

It does look cozy! Thanks for sharing pictures of your home. It looks great!!

Take care.

Regina said...

Hallo Regina,
your home looks very great.
Have a nice day Regina

Abbie said...

You have a lovely home Regina. And I'm sure the boys will NEVER agree they have too many games.

somebody said...


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