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Friday, November 2, 2007

~ My handsome boys ~

~ O.K. Aaron that looks alittle better. ~ lol
They are getting so big. They're not baby's anymore.
~ I love this house. ~
~ Smile Aaron it looks like you just saw a ghost. ~
Hello, Everyone. Sorry i didn't post yesterday. I was so busy didn't really have time to sit long enough . Me and Mother went to a yard sale yesterday, There was huge amounts of vintage and collectibles things you wouldn't believe. The lady that was holding the yard sale, We know her pretty well. She always calls us up, To let us know when she having a sale. She gives wonderful bargains, I'm so happy to know this lady. lol She and her daughter are very sweet people. We all like the same stuff. I will try and show you my lovely finds as soon as i can. O.K. enough about the yard sale. Lets get to what I'm actually posting about. The boys got huge amount of candy enough to last till Christmas. They dressed up as army guys. I thought they looked really good in their costume. They both want to go into the military when they are older. I think that would be a wise choice for them. It makes them become real men. I don't mind them going, But i pray they want ever have to go into war. I pray that want ever happen. Tonight is homecoming night. They wanted me to make them a guarder to wear, I stayed up lste last night making them. I was coming close to falling a sleep while working on them. But i made it. Only thing i hope it doesn't fall apart on them. lol That would be a sad sight to see. To see the disappointment on their faces. Well i better get got things to do. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Have a bless and wonderful day in the Lord. And thank for stopping by.


Shelley said...

Very good pictures, Regina ! I like that house as well. It is very pretty. Looks like you did a great job on those garders for the boys. They were proud of them. J.W. told me last night things mean more ,when your Mom makes them.That made me feel thankful that he feels that way, and doesn't think he has to have everything bought, to be like the rest of the crowd. He also made a comment to me that I was teaching him to use money wisely and to save . Hope he follows thru on those thoughts.
See ya soon, Love Mom

Cheryl said...

That last picture with your caption cracks me up,lol! Too funny :-).

Looking forward to seeing the pictures of the things you bought at the yard sale.

Take care, Regina.

Kari & Kijsa said...

What great little men!! And lucky you to have a great yard sale connection!!

kari & kijsa

Anonymous said...


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