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Thursday, October 25, 2007

~What am i here for. ~

Hi, everyone. I would like to share with you something i wrote while i was at the shop yesterday. The Lord i know had lad this on my heart. I hope it touches your heart, like it has mine.

"What am i here for."

I was sitting at the shop, Today and a thought came into my mind "Do we have real joy" Do we really know what real joy is. Do you find Joy in your family, in the simple things in life , and the things of god. "or" do you find Joy in the things of this world. Are your goals set on things of this world. "or" is it on heaven. Do you often wonder "or" do you ask yourself why do i want more money. Is it for the new car you been looking at. Even though you got one in your driveway. It just needs some minor work done to it. Are we always looking for more and more and never sadifice. Are we always so caught up in ourselves, that we can't see the hurts and needs that are in our neighbours eyes. Are we always repeating the words, I want, I want, I want, and never see or think of the needs of our fellow man. Are we here to serve ourselves "or" our fellow man. I ask you to search you heart today. Is it to do the will of my father "or" the will of my flesh.


Shelley said...

Good morning sweety ! I am so proud of you for allowing God to use you and speak thru you. It is his greatest desire that we put others before ourselves and Jesus COMMANDED ~Luke 10:27~ , "Love your neighbor as yourself". Wonderful post !

Blessings, Moma

Kristen said...

Regina, this is a perfect message! My son sings a song in his Bible class called JOY. It is all about putting Jesus first, then Others, then You and that is how you spell JOY! I just love it, it reminds me of this every day! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

red tin heart said...

This is a beautiful post. And it is so true, we can't live for our flesh. I really want to make a difference in the world, I always pray God shows me how.xoxo Nita

Cheryl said...

Some awesome words, Regina! Thank you for sharing this. Sometimes the truth hurts but we need to hear it.


Living Beyond said...

Thank you for sharing those wonderful thoughts. Every blessing lady!! Have a great Friday!

Kari & Kijsa said...

We stumbled across your blog and we are so glad that we did....we are so blessed here in America and we forget how much! Thanks for the reminder!

blessings, kari and kijsa

Anonymous said...


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