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Friday, October 26, 2007

~ The victim and the suspect. ~

~ The suspect. ~
~ The Victim. ~

~ Oh! no. ~

Well today I found Mr. scarecrow all mangled up in the front yard this morning. It was a sad site to see. When the owner of Mr. scarecrow walk in on the seen of the suspect chewing on what was left of Mr. scarecrow head, the suspect took off running. I screamed at the suspect, while he stood frighten from a distance. He knew he was in trouble with the law. I told him you can run but you can't hide. So i went inside to retrieve a bag to put Mr. scarecrow in. It was a sad moment for it's owner. So later on the suspect was caught and was senses with a crew bone. Said he was to chew on that bone, and that bone only. if not. So help me God. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy the story. Which really did happened.


Shelley said...

Oh Regina, I laughed so much at your story ! It was so cute. I am very sorry about the fate of poor "Mr. Scarecrow" ! I know you were upset over the loss of him ,and he was doing such a good job scaring away all the crows and looking so sweet and fall'ish in your flower bed. I think that sentence you gave Pete was pretty harsh. A chew bone, O dear ! I didn't thing you would pass that hard of a sentence. Oh well, hope he has learned his lesson ! Bad doggie !!

Lov ya, Mom

Living Beyond said...

hahaha - love it. I got a frantic call from my husband at work the other day - our "darling - glad to be alive" 9 month old puppy had gotten a hold of his feather pillow and had a blast while we were gone!! Feathers EVERYWHERE, no really EVERYWHERE, I never knew you could put so many feathers into one pillow. I tried to act upset when I got home but the feathery site was too funny - her scalding session was being kissed to death - ok so shoot me I'm a bad parent lol

Thanks for sharing!

Cheryl said...

Thanks for sharing this funny story :-). Look at Mr. innocent, lol. To think that that little sweetie could do something like that. You would never know it by the picture.

(Check out my blog)

Kristen said...

Oh my, poor scarecrow! I am sure that the dog was just playing, right. :)

somebody said...


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